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HubID: Self Sovereign Digital Identity Tools for Refugees

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2nd Mar 2022

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Over 68 million refugees have fled their homelands and are currently living as displaced. For those in official camps and holding scenarios, the length of time a person spends in refugee purgatory can last up to twenty years. Over the next ten years, due to climate misplacement and conflict, over 200 million refugees are expected to be displaced from their homes. In order to solve for this rapidly expanding situation, we need to develop and deploy digital structures to help people navigate past their refugee status into new and safer lives.

HubID is Hub Culture's digital identity initiative focused on the concept of self sovereign identity. The system enables anyone to generate and maintain a secure digital identity where the person owns their data. Hub Culture acts on behalf of its network and community to safeguard, store and host these digital identities in a layered system of access control and management. As the HubID system expands, it enables Hub Culture community members to use their digital identity in new ways, and to safely store important information they may need if forced to flee their home country.

HubID is post-national, using hundreds of potential data points to generate increasingly secure digital identity knowledge around a person's life. This knowledge includes modern factors, nation-state factors, social factors, and other points of information a person can supply to securitize their identity in the network. This information is processed by Hub Culture into a secured hash, which provides a common framework for all identities.

Refugees can benefit from the system by uploading data and information about themselves to their own HubID repository through Hub Culture

As over 500,000 Ukranian refugees enter Europe over the coming months, Hub Culture is reaching out to aid organizations, refugee coordination points and others to utilize HubID as an access point for those affected to be able to save documentation and information pertinent to their identity to make it easier to process pathways to exit their refugee status in the future.