<![CDATA[Liquidity: The Summit on New Finance Articles]]> https://hubculture.com/hubs/685/news/ <![CDATA[Finance at a Crossroads - Outcomes from Liquidity ~ The Summit On New Finance]]> Hub Culture and Bloomberg just teamed up to present Liquidity ~ The Summit on New Finance, drawing over $2 billion of investable capital, 100+ participating companies and 30 incredible panelists to talk about the evolution of finance.

What did we learn from Man GLG, Blockchain, Qoin, Mirror, DATA, Bitnet, LMAX, CAPCO, Hogan Lovells, Goodwin Procter, Midpoint, Ethereum, Qualcomm, Balderton, Ariadne Capital, Entropia Universe and others?  Watch here.

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<![CDATA[Liquidity ~ The Summit on New Finance 2015 at Bloomberg]]> The Liquidity Summit on New Finance will take place April 17 at Bloomberg in London with a range of emerging leaders in the world of finance.

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<![CDATA[Liquidity 2013 - Coming 10 September to Canary Wharf]]> Liquidity ~ The Summit on New Finance returns Tuesday 10 September, 2013 in London's financial heart, Canary Wharf. 

Last year this intimate gathering linked over $4B in investor represented capital from across a wide variety of financial markets players in the private equity, hedge fund, and emerging payments sector. 

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<![CDATA[Liquidity 2012 Sessions - Broad Outlines]]> Liquidity ~ The Summit on New Finance is coming 1 June to London.  The event takes a new approach to financial discourse in a series of intimate panel discussions on underlying forces reshaping our financial futures.  

Experts involved in these changes - from the top of the pyramid to the changemakers innovating to displace them, are invited to share their stories, and to work with us as we architect new paradigms.  Learn more about it.

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