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ESG Budgeting System

Related Hub : Hub Davos  

The ESG budgeting system allows any Hub to calculate and offset emissions related to Scope and net-zero targets. The Scope calculator allows the Hub to roughly calculate emissions based on a series of inputs across Scope 1, 2 and 3 targets. Begin by Adding Scope Emissions components to your Hub, selecting time frames, and calculating related emissions.

Some Hubs may be able to offset qualified emissions through carbon projects. To launch a carbon project, select the Offsets budget, map your project to the shared mapping system, and calculate the carbon benefit. These carbon projects earn relevance and status through shared credentialing provided by 3rd parties. Once your carbon project is launched, you can request credentialing verification from approved credentialers and apply this to your offset project.

Zeke, Hub Culture’s artificial intelligence, will calculate the carbon value of the project and award Ven Carbon (vCO2) as a digital carbon asset. Your Hub can reach Net Zero when your calucated Scope emissions totals match or are exceeded by your carbon offset allowances expressed as awarded vC02.

+Add New Scope Emissions Calculation to 'Hub Davos' +Add New Carbon offset project to 'Hub Davos'

Scope Emission Components Currently Not Applicable for Hub, "Hub Davos"

# Name Category Name Component Name Kg CO2e Applicant User Start Date End Date Action
1 Victoria's trip to work Individual | Local Transport Rail - Local & Light Rail 0.11252 Stan Stalnaker 2023-12-14 2023-12-14
2 Gold Hood Travel to Davos Air Travel | Continental Europe: Budapest, Hungary (BUD) to Milan, Italy (M 2270 Stan Stalnaker 2024-01-14 2024-01-22
3 Christian Hasker travel to davos Air Travel | Intercontinental San Francisco, USA (SFO) to Zurich, Switzerland (Z 2834.2 Stan Stalnaker 2024-01-13 2024-01-22
4 Christian Hasker train travel to Davos Individual | Local Transport Rail - Long Distance 7.098 Stan Stalnaker 2024-01-18 2024-01-13