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9th Oct 2008

Hub Culture's Zeitgeist Ranking is a leading measure of 'the moment' in the world's key cities. Hub Culture creates the list every year from a mix of sources, largely conversational, with its community of members from around the world. We also look at everything from economic indicators and general outlook on the economy to sectors like property, employment, nightlife, quality of life, pop-news and employment.
All of these factors come together to create the 'softest' ranking in the land - a distillation of mood that attempts to capture the spirit of the moment. Sometimes individual factors can trigger a spot on the list, other times just a general collection of influences - it is highly different from place to place.
The Zeitgeist Ranking is all about how Hub Culture crystalizes activity in the urban centers shaping the world, and how we relate to these hubs as a community. Over time, they really capture the ebb and flow of buzz and perception about where in the world one can find opportunity, energy and the people laying the groundwork for our collective futures. See below for the most current ranking, and historical lists dating back to 1973.

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The Hub100's measure undercurrents in global culture, a great place to spot emerging keywords and trends from the network. Its been quite awhile since the last Hub100, but this listing is due for a resurgence.

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