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Collaboration for oceans

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Welcome to the Oceans project notes



ocean acidification 8.2 to 7.95 ph next 25 years

sea coastal communities 

deep sea bed mining and dredging

reduxtionnof enwrgynand increases in efficiency affecting the impact on the sea 


blue carbon is marine ecosystems that trap carbon ie marshes and sea grasses 

fishing - who's doing it well and not

blue halos

fishing stock

clarification of accreditation systems 

100k sharks a day lost to finning 

farmed fish 

nitroicstion through runoff 


sharks are keystone species that impact sea restoration

ecosystem services vs finning it's working in the Bahamas with higher life quality due to e

Ocean revival rates are 30x faster than land

a lot of the life cycle of the sea happens close to shore - nitrates and nitrogen flow into the sea and kill seashores this also leads to erosion and decreases sunlight to the sea



education about importance of the oceans

internrional law of the sea with 180'parties

Open data initiatives

biodiversity index natural history museum

Base frameworks are needed to underpin the data for getting to decisions


Where is the endpoint we should be starting from 

setting metrics for a non perfect ideal world or system

targets and reporting for endpoints

enfirce the laws we signed up to

why are we ignoring our commitments