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How To Start Microblading Business

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27th Dec 2021


Why is Microblading a Good Carrer?

Microblading is currently the most popular eyebrow treatment. It is a great way to get natural-looking, hair-stroke eyebrows that last for years. That is why people love it so much and the need for great microblading artists is in increase. So, if you become good, the clients will just keep coming.

What also makes microblading a good career choice is the fact that it can be learnt quickly - a course is enough to teach you the skill. But don’t let that fool you - to become a good microblading artist, much more investment is necessary. A lot of time spent on practicing and learning as well as more additional courses and hard work are needed to become successful. 

This is a rewarding job. Having the opportunity to change people’s lives, give them a confidence boost, and help them feel great. On top of that, microblading artists really earn good money.


Do I Need to Be an Esthetician to Start Microblading Business?

No, you don’t. This is another advantage of this career - you don’t need to have previous knowledge or experience in the beauty industry to start a microblading career. You can leave a boring 9-5 job, whatever you have been doing so far, and start from scratch.

Everything you need to know about the skin, medical conditions, and the technique should be covered in the microblading school and you will learn it while mastering this skill.


So, How To Start?

The first and the most important thing is a solid base, especially if you are a complete beginner. That is why choosing the right course is vital. Comprehensive and thorough training that teaches all the theory behind microblading and includes the practical part as well is necessary.

Sometimes, courses are incomplete and leave the students confused and not confident enough to go further. That is why investing in a good course is important.

You will need to pass the Bloodborne Pathogens exam, which can be done online. It is usually one of the requirements for certification. 

Upon completing the course, you will receive a certificate, but that’s only the beginning.




Microblading is still pretty unregulated in most countries. It varies from state to state and most of them require you to obtain a tattoo license to practice microblading legally. Requirements vary from state to state and to get the information on what your county requires, you should contact the local Health Department. 


Setting Up a Shop

Depending on how much money you plan o invest, you can either start small and work from home (if it’s allowed in your area), rent a space in an already established salon, or immediately open your own.

Whichever you decide for, you will need to invest in microblading supplies. It is advisable to make sure your supplies are of the best quality, which you can find in PhiBrows USA. Good equipment and quality pigments will help you provide the best service for your first clients and help you turn them into a steady clientele. 


Setting Up the Price

When you just start, prepare to do a few brows for free or charge a symbolic price. These people will be your models, and help you build your portfolio on social media. Make good before and after microblading photos to show the transformation and the final results. 

After you have enough photos to show to the potential clients, it is time to set the price of your service. Deciding on the right price for your services is hard. You don’t want to set the price too low, because potential clients may think that you are inexperienced. On the other hand, if the price is too high, it can turn them away. 

The best thing is to set it a little bit below the average price in your area and offer promotional discounts around holidays. That can be a good strategy for attracting new clients.

A referral program is one of the best marketing strategies as well. You can offer a discount or a free touch up to a client who recommends you to their friends. 



Microblading is a great career choice for anyone looking for something lucrative, compelling, and rewarding. Beginnings are hard in any business, but hard work always pays off. Make sure you never stop and always invest in further education and brushing up on your skill.