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How To Start Your Microblading Business In 2022

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27th Apr 2022

Certification First

Even before you want to start the business, you should have the necessary skills and certification to do this. If you’ve decided that microblading is the call for you, start looking into ways to get certified and learn how to do this perfectly. This skill in permanent makeup is high in demand, meaning there is plenty of competition, and that is why your skills need to be immaculate. 

Lucky for you, there are plenty of courses that you can find no matter where you are in the world. For example, there are great microblading courses at Phibrows Canada where you can learn the necessary skills, learn how to use your equipment, test the pigments, and get certified. You can also browse other courses in your own area to get started and decide which one you want to take up.



Come Up with the Business Plan and the Name

Once you have the skills, it is time to create a business plan. This will help you realize your idea for a business and help you get organized. A business plan also helps you stay focused on the most important aspects, such as targeting your audience, reaching them, organizing expenses, the market and so much more. You should do proper research on the market and see how you can rise above the competition in your area. With all this in one plan, you can start looking for funding to open up the salon. 


Also, you should come up with a perfect name for your microblading business. The name should reflect you and your ideas and it needs to appeal to the customers. So, check the register of names of businesses, since the name has to be unique, and get creative. 


Set Up Your Shop

When all this hard work is over, it is time to open your shop and start booking clients. Start by choosing the right location. See if you can rent a space or even buy a shop for this. But if this is still too big of an option, you can use the extra space at home, if you have it, to set up shop. Starting a business is a journey, so take it easy and start with what you have. The next step is investing in basic equipment and decor so your clients will feel welcome.


Follow Trends

Even though microblading is a very popular treatment at the moment, it is not the only brow treatment out there. You shouldn’t focus your business on just one service, and you can think about expanding. You can start with microblading only, but consider adding new things to the menu. Other brow trends that are ruling the world are bold powder brows, microshading, nano brows, etc. Other PMU treatments are popular, too, including lip tattoos, permanent eyeliner, and so much more.


Invest in Marketing

The easiest way to reach people is through marketing. More and more businesses are focusing more on online marketing and you should do too. A lot of people use social media and that can be your first focus when opening your microblading business. Set up your accounts, advertise your skills and treatments and make sure you stay in touch with potential clients that are reaching out with questions. 


Also, you can build a website to make things easier for your clients. List your services, contact information, and your prices, and you can even have a blog with tips on aftercare and the whole microblading process. Whatever comes to mind you can implement it through marketing strategies and you can always get advice from professionals on how to be more visible online. 


Set up the Business Entity

Another step to take in this journey is to set up the entity of your business. Your business can be anything from a corporate to LLC or any other entity and this can bring a range of benefits, inducing liability protection. To help you out, you can always hire a lawyer and do the research online to find out which option is the best for you. 

Starting a microblading business is similar to starting any other business. However, this one can be more beautiful since you can really help people out with their self-confidence and long struggles with their beauty. Just make sure to follow these basic steps, have a solid plan and a good name, and you can join the beauty industry!