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Enhancing Your Natural Beauty: PMU Expert Tips for Perfect Eyebrows

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15th Nov 2023


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There isn't a single sophisticated lady on the globe who doesn't strive to retain flawless beauty. Our face acts as the galvanic representation of what the pathways to retaining and enhancing natural beauty ought to be. With the outburst of numerous technological advances, beauty industries have discovered flabbergasting ways to upscale your natural beauty with the use of expert permanent makeup tricks. Mainly the focus is on eyes (read: brows) and embracing the cutting-edge professional permanent makeup techniques to achieve glowing and natural beauty. Here is what the top-notch experts have to say about enhancing your existing beauty and getting marvelous eyebrows.

So far, microblading has been the king of permanent eyebrow makeup, but it seems like a number of artists are turning their backs on it lately.


The practicality of microblading


As one of the most demanding PMU treatments, microblading tends to be the hardest one to learn, but at the same time, it's one that delivers the highest result according to numerous customers. Most skin types can try this amazing permanent makeup treatment and get mesmerizing results as almost every expert and beauty technician would go through a long and demanding learning process until they master the art behind creating perfect hair strokes. With the microblading technique, there's bound to be success, however, customers with oily skin or those who have large pores tend to succumb to other PMU treatments. 


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The perfection of Eyebrow Mapping


Considering the fact that microblading has dominated in Sydney, more beauticians and various beauty experts are looking into ways to advance and upgrade their skills. When it comes to perfecting women's beauty and facial care, upscaling the technology and skills to retain satisfied customers and attract new ones is a must. Hence, one of the most experienced professionals in microblading from Sydney suggests using advanced microblading methods such as eyebrow mapping to top up their skills. Eyebrow mapping includes measuring your natural brows and eyes in order to establish the most accurate, dazzling, and even shape for your face. Lastly, depending on your eye and face shape, the brows' outlook would be customized without minimum errors.


The PMU variabilities for eyebrow mapping


Creating the most stylish natural brows and enhancing the existing microblading technique would enable you to stand out from the competition and attract more customers. When it comes to creating the perfect brow shape while utilizing the eyebrow mapping method and microblading, they are in following these steps. Upon determining the exquisite eyebrow shape, the next step is to determine the ideal arch height, arch shape, thickness, aligned definition, and length. Only upon completing these measures can you ensure that the brows will be filled, voluminous, even soft, and utterly beautiful.


The sophistication of nano brows


Even though the nano brow technique is just a bit more sophisticated version of microblading, the demand for this version of permanent brow makeup is growing in popularity as well. The reason why nano brows are closely associated with microblading is the respectful and elegant final touch. In contrast to microblading, for the nano brow technique, an artist uses a special machine making it easier to become proficient in it. The use of machine work in creating nano brows might evoke sophisticated results, however, it won't dominate over microblading as professional microblading artists still reckon that microblading timelessly delivers the most beneficial results. 


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The elegance of brow lamination


Those women lucky enough to have gorgeous natural brows and merely want to enhance their volume and glowing flair, can opt to try out brow lamination. Another super modern technique that PMU experts suggest is ideal for those who are not fully ready for microblading. In contrast to other brow tattooing methods, brow lamination is a simple but effective process in which an artist brushes up and lifts your brows with a specialized non-abrasive glue. Conversely, anyone who still has sparse or almost no brows should succumb to either microblading or nano brows technique so they can achieve mesmerizing bold brows apparel


The sleek alterations and combinations


As there are many PMU procedures that can fit your face shape, the most vital thing to remember is that each brow technique suits each individual differently. Depending on how fast you regrow your new brow hair, you might be surprised how soon or later you would need to return for a redo. Most PMU techniques focus on masterfully aligning the brows, and looking into achieving absolute symmetry when it comes to shape, however when you need to work with the brows you have, then that's a whole other story. Those aiming to reshape their natural brows and make them look identical and pump only must ensure to get good tweezers pluck one hair at a time and never go outside the desirable shape. With this in mind, your brows will always look sleek.

If you are ready for some PMU treatment, avoid overlong, curved, or too-thin shapes, especially aim to choose appropriate colors and proportional strokes, and if you're in doubt, consider contacting a professional for a superb job.