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Ticketing and Event Information

22:23 08/02/14

Stan Stalnaker said: We look forward to welcoming everyone to Venice from the 8th to 11th February for Hub Culture's fourth Carnivale fundraiser, benefiting CoolEarth.org. With guests arriving from all over, we're delighted to host you at Palazzo Benzon, on the grand Canal, for the big event, and with pre-party drinks on the night of the 9th. On Thursday 8th, we will also be hosting a one day Liquidity summit on the frontiers of blockchain technology.

Party Tickets and Raffle Tickets are available here: http://www.hubculture.com/pavilions/venice - where you simply click on the items to purchase using Ven. If you don't have Ven, you can top up with a credit card or paypal with a HubCulture.com/membership

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1. Dec 6th, 2017

Sarita Zeitlin I am new on this website, could you help me to buy a ticket now for the event?

2. Dec 6th, 2017

Stan Stalnaker sure - just click the star icon on the top of the page, and causes/events/tickets to purchase - we look forward to seeing you in Venice!