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From Spaghetti Vongole to tiny Campari bars, here's where you'll find where to dine, linger and fill up.

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Venice Restaurants


Grand Canal at The Monaco

Cantina do Mori:
San Polo, 429, 30125, Venezia -Tel: +39 041 522 5401 - This famous little wine bar, serves an amazing assortment of mouthwatering cichetti . One Euro per nibble !....washed down with a similarly impressive assortment of wines - Mon- Sat 8:30-9:30- If you don't mind standing (there are no tables) for a light lunch, this is one of the best of the old-time bacari left popular amopng the locals of the market and outsiders alike. It serves a limited number of first courses like eggplant Parmesan and lightly fried artichoke hearts, to satisfy your hunger.

Grand Canal at the Hotel Monaco: San Marco, 1332, 30124 Venezia - Tel: +39 041 520 0211 - In the Grand Canal Restaurant, diners can sample traditional Venetian cuisine in impeccable decor with a delightful atmosphere. The Grand Canal Restaurant is frequented by an international clientele, but also by Venetians who choose this elegant restaurant because of its excellent food. A particular emphasis is placed on the seafood and fresh vegetables. Lunch on a nice day outdoors on the terrace overlooking the Grand Canal is spectacular.

Harry's Bar (Cipriani)
Harry's Bar: Calle Vallaresso, San Marco 1323, 30124 Venezia - Tel: +39 041 528 5777 - Harry's Bar is the birthplace of the Bellini drink (white peach juice and sparkling Prosecco, named after the 15th Century Venetian painter - Giovanni Bellini) and the delicious Carpaccio dish. Famous past diners include Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles, amongst others. It is rather on the very expensive side but it's just one of those traditions not to be missed. If you didn't fancy paying a suitcase of Euros let alone Lira for a ravioli, do the Bellini bar scene on the ground floor and if you're lucky enough to get a bar seat, order a light dish there. Its lively, fun, classic and always well packed.

Le Bistrot de Venise: Sestiere San Marco 4685, 30124 Venezia - Tel: +39 041 523 6651 - Venetian, French food - Daily: noon-1am - Linger over an elaborate meal that may include local favorites like figa' de vedelo a la venexiana (Venetian calves' liver) or the odd morete a la caorlotta (tagliolini made with cocoa, topped with a festival of crustaceans), or unique dishes made from historic 15th Century Venetian recipes or a classic French cookbook. Peek in the back room to see what's going on in the evening; as art exhibits, wine tasting, and poetry readings are hosted.

Trattoria ai Cugnai: Dorsoduro 857, 30123 Venezia - Tel: +39 041 528 9238 - Venetian food - Tues- Sun 12:30-3pm and 7-10:30pm - The name refers to the brothers-in-law of the women chefs, sisters, who serve classic cucina veneziana, like the reliably good spaghetti alle vongole verace (with clams) or fegato alla veneziana. The homemade gnocchi and lasagna would meet any Italian grandmother's approval (you won't go wrong with any of the menu's homemade-fatta in casa choices of daily specialties either.) Equidistant from the Accademia and the Guggenheim in Dorsoduro, Ai Cugnai is the perfect place to recharge after an art overload.

Antico Martini
Antico Martini: Campo San Fantin, San Marco - Tel: +39 041 523 7027.  Set in a beautiful square and in existance since 1792, the restaurant has only changed it's name once and owners twice. Here old Venetian style is preserved with candel-lit tables and diners dine under antique oil paintings oozing history and a fabulous venetian lighting in the Byzantine style. The menu is Venetian, specialising in many seafood dishes. Antico Martini was a favourite among the likes of Casanova in his day, Balzac, Goethe, Hemingway, Cocteau, Laurence Olivier, Charlie Chaplin and many Italian aristocrats. 

Vino Vino: San Marco 2007 - Tel: +39 041 241 7688 - Open daily 11:30 am - 11:30 pm. Vino Vino is big sister Antico Martini's informal wine bar. The decor is nice and the restaurant boasts a good ambiance serving simple well prepared food, with an impressive selection of local and European wines. Settle into one of a dozen wooden tables and enjoy. You can credit the high-quality food to the fact that it shares a kitchen and an owner with the fabulous Antico Martini restaurant just a few doors down. A fun place for lunch with a small or large group. No resies so just turn up!