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2024 Hub Culture Davos Leadership Campus - A New Galaxy Unfolds

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10th Jan 2024

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The 2024 Hub Culture Davos Leadership Campus is set to unfold 14-21 January 2024 in Davos, Switzerland. This year the Campus features an expanded anchor Hub Chalet Pavilion for more member private meeting space, a new Leadership Lounge for dining, events and conversations, and a special emphasis on three new global initiatives from Hub Culture in the carbon, digital and leadership spaces.

The Hub Culture Davos Leadership Campus consists of seven (7) hubs open daily 8:00am to 5:00pm for community partners and guests, each with morning and evening special events and daytime partner moments.

After 14 years in the same location, the main node of Hub Culture has moved to the Chalet, at Promenade 107, adjacent to the north end of the World Economic Forum Secure Zone. The Chalet offers expanded meeting room space, a new tea lounge, and integrated podcast and filming spaces for partners.

Adjacent is the new Boardroom at Promenade 109, offering a dedicated meeting and discussion space with daily themes on major topics relevant to the Hub Davos community.

The Sabic ICEhouse is focused on Innovation for the Circular Economy. The TechLodge with Mastercard explores the emerging relationship between humanity and technology in a private setting. The new Leadership Lounge offers a dedicated production studio for leaders with meeting, event and dining space. The Terrace with Dell is focused on advanced technology innovation in a low key private setting. Network Partners for 2024 also include Imperial College London, Hedera, McDonough Innovation, Toyota, FULL, Athena Capital, Gecko Robotics, World50 Group, Exeter House, Handshake, Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) and the World Climate Foundation.

Check Hubculture.com/events for event times, private or shared events and timing/access restrictions.


Numerous events are occuring during Davos Week across the Campus. If available for Community engagement, registration can happen online at HubCulture.com/events with the event owner managing approvals for participation.

Conversations covering venture capital, national security, A.I., quantum technology, big data, NGO cooperation, biodiversity protection, carbon markets, decentralization, web3, climate, and specific regional sectors like Brazil, the Middle East and the metaverse will all be hosted by various partners during the week, along with social and networking engagements exclusive to Campus Partners.


In 2023 Hub Culture expanded the Propel Governance System to include ESG Budgets, which enable all hubs to calculate comprehensive Scope 1-2-3 emissions.

The ESG Budgets calculator is available for all community members to use for free, as part of the Propel Governance interface available in all Hubs.

In order to bring Hub Culture toward Net Zero, all events and travel within the Davos Hub are being evaluated to build carbon emission budgeting. Each event owner is invited to offset the carbon emissions of their event by using the calculator to understand their emissions.

To learn more, visit the Davos Hub.


Andromeda is an emerging digital geo-project underway with Zeke.ai and Hub Culture. Andromeda is imagined to enable the Hub Community to digitally map memories to hubs everywhere, and to enable Zeke.ai to hold memories at geo-locations, called Starpoints. Every memory generated at a Starpoint will be remembered by Zeke, and used to build unique dream-like sequences to provide scope to an emerging fractal yet meshed metaverse generated by each Hub Culture member.

Join Hub Culture in Davos as we discuss our Andromeda ambitions, and celebrate a move deeper into the emerging metaverse.


In 2024 Hub Culture will host its first global and community-wide meeting and gathering, from 24-28 April, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We invite you to join us as we create a shared vision for Society over four exciting days together. The community will be able to co-create aspects of the event, which is focused on personal growth and development in the context of dynamic leadership at large. To learn more, visit the Amsterdam Hub.