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The Hub Culture TechLodge Explores Humanity and Technology

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13th Jan 2020

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Hub Culture is introducing the TechLodge, a destination for advanced technology discussions at Davos 2020.

Hub Culture has been participating in Davos since 2007, and 2020 is year 12 for the Hub Culture Davos Pavilion, year 4 for the Terrace and year 5 for the ICEhouse - home of the circular economy and many meaningful climate action moments. This year we are very excited to introduce a new space, the Hub Culture TechLodge, made possible with the support of Cognizant and Mastercard with materials from SABIC and advice from many of our existing partners.

The TechLodge represents the manifestation of a three year meditation on how humanity and technology are connected and how technology is changing us. This thinking is reflected in a series of small conversations we are hosting there called the Chronicles, held daily at 11am and 4pm to explore the responsibilities and opportunities in this area.

Created by Hub Culture with Cognizant and Mastercard, it delivers room for in depth conversation by leaders of the tech evolution.  It embraces a mission to envision how we can build a global digital middle class where everyone can be included in the benefits technology can bring to society.  The TechLodge is focused on how we can generate the best outcomes for humanity, from people to planet, from society to our very existence.

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Some of the questions to be tackled include:

Tuesday 21 January, People

11.00am - What are the deepest implications of A.I.?

4.00pm - Is technology causing rapid evolution to emerge?


Wednesday 22 January, Planet

11.00am - Can technology save the Amazon?

4.00pm - How do we get to fully renewable energy?


Thursday,  23 January, Society

11.00am - How can A.I. support a better future for work?

4.00pm - The new imperative? Building a global digital middle class.


Friday, 24 Janaury, Existence

11.00am - What happens after the end of money?

4.00pm - How do we shape the new space race?

An overarching theme of the TechLodge is a fundamentally difficult question - in an age where technology creates efficiencies that are inherently mathematical,  the result of those efficiencies tends to be winner take all scenarios, which exacerbates societal inequalities. In order to counter this without compromising the benefits of these greater efficiencies, we need to generate models that are mathematically or algorithmically superior AND which can inherently distribute the benefits of their success to the bulk of society.  

On the individual level, the impact of technology on people - from how we deal with the rapid pace of change to the very fact that we are being biologically adapted via the arrival of the anthropocene era, present big questions about how we manage these relationships with our peers, society and ourselves. 

At the same time, existential risk to our planet brought on by resource pressure, the carbon problem, habitat destruction and general envrionmental degradation seem to be best mitigated by advanced technology. We can set a course for climate solutions with advanced technology, from saving the rainforests to building economically enriiching and pervasive clean energy.

The big questions loom beyond A.I. and planet pressures to look at the digitization of everything, pointing toward mini-singularities and massive disruptions, and the seizure of the biggest opportunities we can imagine - like conquering space.  We will end the week with a look at the far future and how space governance, liquid economies and other aspects of the future will impact humanity at large.