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Dawn of the Yoga Noodle at Noodle Mi

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17th Mar 2013

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Chef Duyen Hackett is elevating the humble noodle shop
Rice noodle. Soy noodle. Buckwheat and Soba. The humble noodle has been a platform of culinary expression for countless generations. From origins in China they have traveled far, winding their way across the world to form the base of Italy's fine food expressionism, and a staple for Asia.
In Southeast Asia especially noodles are the main deal - in glass and rice and everything nice they come in soups and plates and slurping bowls, hot and cold, wrapping fish, prawns, beef, chicken and vegetables like confetti at nearly every meal. With billions sliding down the hatch every day, the topic of noodle innovation is oddly absent, abstract, as un-improvable as rice, another staple for all.
It just doesn't happen, this noodle innovation.
Or should we say, it doesn't happen often, because while sandwiches and burgers and pizza have all been nicely scaled into global conglomerates, no noodle shop has broken through from the million other noodle shops to become a fast casual icon, or a sexy "brand", with a menu that could be at all memorable. Sure there are noodle chains, but they all lack something in the sophistication department.
All that changed when Hong Kong's Noodle Mi arrived on the scene. The brainchild of noted Vietnamese chef Duyen Hackett, (who has done at least one tour of duty with Hub Vietnam), Noodle Mi slid into the Hong Kong dining world in November 2012, and has since become the go-to spot for the best noodles in town. The chic, healthy menu is built for modern tastes, with a mix of quick noodle dishes and wraps complemented by a bright selection of french-Vietnamese inspired baguettes.
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The menu includes a long list of Vietnamese dishes based around pho (a rice noodle) and bun (a rice vermicelli) in tantalising combinations accented with lime, mint, lemongrass, diced green onions, basil, Vietnamese coriander and other exotic flavours. From curries to cumin, it all adds up to a noodley explosion of soupy goodness in your mouth. Rich in antioxidants and energizers, Duyen has crafted ingredients to make each mouthful as health conscious as possible. Its the dawn of the yoga noodle.
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What makes Noodle Mi unique is not just the high quality food or the effortless presentation, but a new approach to the humble noodle shop. Fresh and vibrant with sexy, understated music sountracks, great lighting and graphic design, even intelligently trained staff, this is one Hong Kong creation that's ready for export. Rumour has it that a central kitchen and more locations will soon be serving the lines that gather out the door each lunchtime, as Noodle Mi rides the fast-casual dining wave straight to global recognition.
The world needs a modern noodle in a place it can love. Elevating the tasty, modern expression of something everyone enjoys is Noodle Mi's raison d'etre, and they're getting the job done.
Noodle Mi
2 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan
Hong Kong
dine in, take out and delivery