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Degree in Passion

20:19 07/01/09

Ian Jeanes said: Six degrees of separation is what stops me knowing everyone in the world. Social media, where the aid of technology connects people, is alleged to chop this into a smaller number allowing for a larger space for people to make contact. Breaking boundaries of racially, sexually orientated, financial status, job title or social status separated groups and networks, social networking enables people to connect with other people they may not necessarily have chosen to engage with previously for the aforementioned reasons.

Me? I love this network. I love social networking in general. The thought of bringing people together no matter where you are opens up millions of new doors for business opportunities and places of new education. Personally I'd take the degree in passion because I'm inspired by innovation, inteliigence, education and passion itself. The fact that everyone has their own idea of what gets their fire burning is just exciting in itself and I would like to explore about *how social networking has allowed you to explore your own passion for something* and *what it has taught you about the innovation of others*. Can we do business based on mutual interests or does the fact that what drives one person allows another to influence their own interest to make the most of it?

For me technology is exactly that. It's connected to everything. It is used to enhance the fruits of passion within a variety of sectors from sports to literature, education to freedom-of-speech and even zoology to curing human diseases. Technology is a passion that we are all unaware of that has influenced our own ways to develop our passions into business.