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Last chance: Keith Haring all-over, (Mons) Bruxelles until September 13

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5th Sep 2009

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Keith Haring paints Grace Jones
Keith Haring all-over (Mons) Bruxelles until Sept.13

An atypical American artist

Presenting for the first time in Belgium an exceptional exposition of Keith Haring's work. The city of Mons just outside of Bruxelles pays hommage to the long-time underestimated atypical American artist, who, paradoxically found unprecedented success post death. Haring's work enjoys huge popularity not only in its easily recognisable graphic style, but because of its unusual accessibility to the public on murals and New York City subway walls. He also painted on cars, skin and street lamps.

Born in 1958, Haring became an emblematic personality of his era linking forevermore the world of street art to a wide public. He gained inspiration in contemporary societal issues as well as in the music and dance of the 1970's and 80's

More than 150 works of art to discover

You can discover more than 150 works of art in various mediums over two large areas around Bruxelles (BAM et Anciens Abattoirs de Mons) y. The exhibition comprises pieces spanning the artist's short career whose themes are preoccupied always by social issues surrounding him: AIDS, drugs and the power of money.

The masterwork of the exhibition is the complete series of 24 spray-painted panels, never before exhibited in full, covering a length of over 70 metres! The exceptional ensemble was created on a New York construction site and strongly demonstrates Haring's need to to occupy urban spaces, escaping the cultural acceptance of art on canvas typical of the art market of the day.


Exhibition open daily (except Mondays) 12-6pm. Exhibition ends Sunday September 13.

BAM: 8, rue Neuve & Les Anciens Abatoirs: 17, place de la Grande Pecherie - 7000 Mons. Tel: +32 65 40 53 30

Article Image
Untitled - Oil, Acrylic, Silver Paint on Canvas
Icons of the 20th Century

'It's treating Warhol like he was part of American culture, like Mickey Mouse was.' (Daniel Drenger, Art and Life: An Interview with Keith Haring, New York, 1988).

Painted in a rare round canvas format, Andy Mouse is a magical hybrid of one of the most recognised cartoon characters in the world and the man commonly identified as the most influential figure in Pop Art. The work pays tribute to Andy Warhol, Haring's close friend, hero and mentor, whom he met following his second solo exhibition in New York. It also reflects Harings fascination with Disney animation and its exuberant visual vocabulary which allows realism and fantasy to meet within the boundaries of a single high-impact image. This particular work is a dynamic caricature boasting bold graphic lines against a metallic silver background, at once simulating the faux-naif appeal of mass media culture while also referencing the edgy synth-pop underground scene of which both Warhol and Haring were members. In a single postmodern gesture, Haring brilliantly redefines the way we view the truly iconic, elevating the concept of the trendy, made-in-the-moment street logo into the realm of historic and enduring fine art."

This Andy Mouse (Untitled) oil and acrylic on canvas sold in July 2009 at Christie's King Street, sale 7740, for 181,250 ($297,294).

Keith Haring's works of art are for sale at auction regularly at Christie's and Sotheby's.