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Quantum Yoga Autumn 09 Newsletter

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3rd Sep 2009

Dear Friends

Switzerland is next on the menu, after spending an incredibly beautiful month on Ibiza. Many Quantum Yoga events, including another one-month teacher training, are planned on this magic island for next year, which will all be announced in the Newsletters and posted on www.quantumyoga.netonce confirmed, so if interested, stay tuned! This Sunday (10:30-13:00) I return to the lovelywww.solunayoga.ch in Geneva , where I will present the TREE sequence for the first time as a workshop. ETERNITY TREES is work in progress, yet to be published on DVD, and suitable for all levels. This project will ultimately be used to raise awareness and money to support the preservation of the Amazon rainforest in my native Colombia. Monday to Wednesday next week I teach the Quantum Yoga series in Luzern at www.jayayoga.ch, and then the following w/e of the 11-13th inZurich at www.planetyoga.ch. I hope to see you there; bookings are made directly through the studios in question.

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Once I have returned to London on the 13th, I will be teaching the Monday evening drop-in classes(7:45-9:15pm) at the Hub Culture pavilion on Carnaby Street (from the 14th), as well as Tuesday eves (7:30-9pm) at the Tabernacle in Notting Hill from the 15th September (though Judith will already start teaching again on the 8th, after the Carnival closure) till the end of the month at least. For directions, please see Schedule on www.quantumyoga.co.uk . In October, I return to the USA to teach at various venues, some of which are listed below, but all will be announced in the October Newsletter.

Finally, it is now time to start booking your space on the winter Quantum Yoga retreats, which will be held at some of the most exquisite venues Asia has to offer!

For a detailed overview of all scheduled Quantum Yoga events, please read on...

Quantum Yoga WORLD TOUR: EUROPE & USA 2009

The Quantum Yoga world tour is part of the launch of Lara Baumann's new book & DVD "Quantum Yoga, Creating Your Ideal Practice from an Ocean of Possibilities" (Mandala Publishing). The book, as well as the Quantum Basic double-album CD's and our latest release the Master sequence DVD can be viewed/heard and purchased on www.quantumyoga.net or in any of the major book stores.

Lara is teaching the Quantum Yoga workshop series in the main international yoga hubs. The series of workshops will consist of the three basic quantum sequences, each of which in turn regulates an Ayurvedic dosha or body-mind constitution. Study of these facilitates an understanding of the Quantum Assessment Methods, which allow one to recognise how personal yoga practice should be varied from day to day to optimise its effects. The Master sequence also follows the Quantum Grouping and Sequencing laws and can therefore be used as a blueprint to which variations could be introduced.

Below is a description of each workshop, which will be spread over a weekend, and can either be purchased individually or as a series.

The BIRDS sequence is grounding and strengthening to settle and channel the air element that is characteristic of vata, the biological humor responsible for movement. BIRDS will be accompanied by the healing sounds of nature and recordings of Shamanic rituals, which bring the practitioner into a closer rapport with Pachamama or Mother Earth. From such a steady and loving foundation, the transcendence of mental fluctuations is supported, paving the journey to ultimate freedom. General Level.

The HEROES sequence is cooling and calming to teach the pitta or fire-type how to expend energy evenly whilst flowing smoothly through a challenging sequence. HEROES is accompanied by Modern Music and Mantras, the melodic female voices and the genuine healing intention expressed further support the gentle yet firm attitude that strikes the balance of sthira sukam asanam, posture should be steady and pleasant . General Level.

The LOTUS MANDALA sequence is stimulating and invigorating in order to inspire the kapha or earth-type to move with grace and ease through a sequence that includes many inversions, twists and hip-openers, as well as clarification on the system of the bandhas or locks to safe-guard from injury. LOTUS-MANDALA is accompanied by chilled techno tunes from leading European DJ s, supporting the up-beat rhythmic movement of body and spirit. General Level.

CAPRICIOUS SHIVA or the QUANTUM MASTER SEQUENCE represents a challenging dynamic composition or vinyasa. Whilst always increasing prana or vitality, here the breath initiates, sustains and deepens movement, ensuring integrity and coalescence. The sequence includes strong core work, deep stretches, strengthening exercises and advanced arm balances. It peaks in Shiva Natarajasana, a posture that emulates Shiva dancing his cosmic dance of transcendence. It is accompanied by smooth electronic house music, which sets a positive mood and steady pace. Experienced yoga practitioners will be given the chance to further their understanding of vinyasa yoga, whilst integrating a creative system that leads to independent, intelligent and inspirational practice. Advanced Level.

DATES and websites (or e-mail contacts) on/through which times, prices and venue details can be found are...

6th September: Geneva, www.solunayoga.ch

7-9 September: Luzern, www.jayayoga.ch

11-13 September: Z rich, www.planetyoga.ch

9th October: New York, www.omfactorynyc.com

7-8 November: Manchester, [email protected]

8 November: London, www.specialyoga.org.uk

30 October - 1 November

Come and visit this spectacular event! The Quantum Yoga stand is at A03, where we will be conducting free Ayurvedic assessments of your personal prakriti or dosha-distribution (mind-body constitution), in order to facilitate the development of an optimal individualised practice.

Lara is presenting the three Basic Quantum Yoga sequences in the Open area near our stand. Theseworkshops are free, so try to arrive on time, as we are expecting a large amount of visitors.

Fri 30th Oct 13:00-13:30pm: Quantum Yoga BIRDS, regulating vata.
Sat 31st Oct 15-15:30: Quantum Yoga HEROES, regulating pitta.
Sun 1Nov 14:45-15:15: Quantum Yoga LOTUS MANDALA, regulating kapha.

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YOGA ALLIANCE-certified 200- and 500-hour TEACHER TRAINING in GOA

We already we have quite a number of students booked on for this year's one-month intensive Teacher Training program that will run from Saturday the 21st November till Saturday 19th December, and will be held at Bhakti Kutir in Goa. The TT course is limited to 15 participants, so please let us know asap if you are interested. Interviews can also be conducted over the telephone or on skype. Please visit www.quantumyoga.net for details and prices and then e-mail [email protected] to set up an interview.


I am very excited to have added the Thailand retreats at these two very special locations both of which I visited at the beginning of the year and fell in love with. Walking into Kamalaya is simply like being wrapped in benevolent cotton wool, where you can totally relax whilst being healed, entertained and sensually delighted all at the same time. It is no surprise therefore that Taschen has decided to put a photo of myself practising yoga on Kamalaya's beach on the cover of their new book "Great Yoga Retreats". Jungle Yoga on the other hand is everything that its name promises, so if you fancy hearing the gibbons call (for love apparently) first thing in the morning as the mist mysteriously rises from the lake on which you are floating, then this is the one for you (the jungle sounds can now be heard on the website below). The Christmas & New Year's retreat at Bhakti Kutir will now be my 9th retreat there, and all the usual suspects have already secured their bungalows, so hurry if you'd like to join us in Goa!

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Retreat bookings are made straight through [email protected], so the venue websites are only listed FYI. Workshops on the other hand are booked straight through the respective studios.


KAMALAYA (low season rates): 14-21 NOV 09 (Sat-Sat), www.kamalaya.com


GOA X mas RETREAT: 19 Dec 09 2 Jan 10 (Sat-Sat), www.bhaktikutir.com

Bombay Yoga Sutra Workshop W/E: 8-10 Jan 10, www.yogasutra.co.in


JUNGLE YOGA 21-28 Jan 10 (Thurs-Thurs), www.jungleyoga.com

KAMALAYA (high season rates):
Quantum Yoga Retreat 30 Jan 6 Feb 10, www.kamalaya.com

Try hard to love me, before you judge me. Michael Jackson

To contact us with any queries, comments, address changes, etc., please send an e-mail to YanYan at[email protected].

Namaste, Lara

Lara Baumann +44-7957-418597
Skype quantumyoga
May all beings be happy and free!