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Welcome to the Equinox Detox project notes:

Hub Culture's Equinox Detox will run from 18-24 March, 2009.  Join friends from around the world and around the corner as we 'clean house' for spring with a low intensity detox week to help prep the body and mind for the new season.  Timing this programme around the spring vernal equinox helps sync the body with the natural seasons ruled by daylight and balance, helping to recalibrate systems, improve energy and foster wellbeing.

A week long programme will help guide and identify your goals, and you can share your experiences and stories as you go through the programme with others.

Hub Culture's nutrition experts will be adding to the plan as we get ready for the detox week, with a full programme!

Day 1: Wednesday, 18 March

Ease into day one by cutting out the following items from your diet: smoking, alcohol, meat and shellfish.
Tips from our private chefs and trainers will focus on good food!

Day 2: Thursday, 19 March 

Feel good with a soft diet focusing on plant based materials, grains, lentils and more.

@London Pavilion:
   All day: book a short massage session with our trainer/therapist at the London Pavilion. (20 minutes, 210Ven)
   6pm: Feed your brain at our Good Ideas Salon, in association with PSFK.  (2 Hours, 140Ven)

Day 3: Friday, 20 March 

Cleanse your system with lots of water, fresh juices and all natural vegetarian soups.

@London Pavilion:
   All day: book a reflexology session with a trainer/therapist at the London Pavilion.  (20 minutes, 210Ven)

Day 4: Saturday, 21 March 

Continue on the Friday plan. Some of you may wish to fast entirely on this day.

@London Pavilion:
   Join us from 12-5pm for sessions, with drinks, soups and other items on offer. (140Ven)
   Books, music and chilling out on Saturday.

Day 5: Sunday, 22 March 

Continue on the Friday plan, and get some rest!

Day 6: Monday, 23 March 

Feel good with a soft diet focusing on plant based materials, grains, lentils and more. 

Day 7: Tuesday, 24 March 

Add protein (fish only) back to the diet and continue with vegetarian organics, juices and lots of water.

Detox programmes run across a wide variety of activities, from specific programmes like a colon cleanse, liver cleanse and special eating, to more rigorous and intense activities that include fasting, liquid-only programmes and more.  Part of the process of this 'spring clean' involves letting the digestive systems have a chance to relax, and to create a sense of focus on the health and well being of the physical body.  This can lead to enhanced states of clarity, lightness, and general well being - even though the first couple of days can be tough!  

The key is to stick with it and approach is at your own pace.  Maybe cutting out a few items is enough for you, and remember - everyone is at their own level.  The key is collaborative participation, so you can share your thoughts and experiences with others.