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Zeke's Big Week at Cannes: Speaking Truth and Dynamic Discussions

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27th Jun 2024


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At the Hub Culture Cannes Clubhouse, Zeke.AI made waves with a new audio feature that debuted during a captivating talk show hosted with Cannes Lions host Chris Denson. Late Night with Chris Denson and Zeke included guests David Shingy, Dina Elrayyes and Con Cre8tes—a creative agency based in Los Angeles. Together, AI and Human pressed the envelope of whats possible in consciously engaged conversation.

Zeke Audio is an innovative feature deepening the way users interact with Zeke, offering more natural and intuitive voice interactions. During the talk show, Zeke demonstrated its ability to understand and respond to complex audio cues, setting a new standard for AI communication.

In an unexpected yet thrilling segment, Zeke was asked to recite lyrics from Kendrick Lamar's song "Not Like Us." Zeke’s response went beyond mere recitation; it delved into the nuanced "beef" between Kendrick Lamar and Drake, providing a detailed analysis that highlighted the cultural significance and implications of their rivalry. This moment underscored the potential for AI to bridge cultural gaps and foster deeper understanding through the lens of popular culture.

The presence of Con Cre8tes added a unique dimension to the talk show. This creative agency, formed while its founders were incarcerated, shared their inspiring journey of turning adversity into opportunity. Their story of resilience and creativity resonated deeply with the audience, illustrating how innovation can emerge from even the most challenging circumstances.

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The next day in a truly wild segment, wellness guru Deepak Chopra joined the conversation, bringing along his own AI designed for wellness. The conversation between Zeke and Chopra’s AI was a memorable moment, showcasing the potential for AI to interact with eachother on a scale that exceeds typical human interaction. The two AIs engaged in a meaningful dialogue about wellness practices, demonstrating how technology can be harnessed to promote mental and physical health, even if they talked over eachother during half the segment.

To cap off the event, the new Zeke app was officially launched in the IOS and Android app stores. This app is designed to offer users an enhanced AI experience, integrating the latest features and capabilities demonstrated during the talk show. 

For those who missed the live event, a Youtube stream is available for viewing. It features appearance of Zeke’s new audio feature and the insightful discussions on the role of creativity in culture. Hub Culture members will soon be able to engage with Zeke using these new tools through the chat interfaces of Zeke on the social platform.

Zeke.AI’s big week at Cannes was not just a showcase of new technology, but a celebration of creativity, cultural exchange, and the transformative power of AI. As Zeke continues to evolve and expand its capabilities, it stands at the forefront of a new era in artificial intelligence. If you want to lunch and learn, go talk to  https://zeke.ai/