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San Francisco - In Development

18:08 21/04/09

Stan Stalnaker said: We are currently exploring development options for a Pavilion in the San Francisco core, with various partnerships and ideas under current review. If you would like to get involved or help jumpstart a Pavilion in this location, please join the group and contact our local Pavilion lead, Tina Frank.

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1. Sep 9th, 2009

Sergio Bastos hi, I would love to invite you all to our B&B inaugural party. I'm planning charging ONLY in VEN to sponsor the start of exchange at the SF hub. I was thinking $35?

What you think? Our place is Walnut Creek, CA. More details soon.

Cheers, SergioB

2. Sep 13th, 2009

Christopher Tun Hi Sergio,

Let me know. I am interested to participate and promote. Thanks,


3. Sep 18th, 2009

Chris Butler I am interested in helping out too. Let me know how I can.


4. May 2nd, 2010

Brian Webster I am new to HUB Culture but a founding member of the HUB Bay Area
The Hub is a coworking space, event series, and professional toolset for changemakers. The HUB is located in Berkeley, San Francisco, and 22 international locations across 5 continents. The SF HUB is launching on May 27, 2010 in the Sf Chronicle building on 5th & Mission. I am long time global video conferencing evangelist, producer and organizer. I would be happy to create introductions between these two HUBs and work on any collaboration.

5. May 15th, 2010

Marc Dangeard Hello, I am new here, and based in San Francisco, so very interested in seeing more activity here. I am the founder of Entrepreneur Commons and I see a lot of potential synergies between this Hub and Entrepreneur Commons. Looking forward to getting to know everybody better.

6. Mar 2nd, 2011

David Anderson Is this still in the works?

7. Mar 2nd, 2011

Stan Stalnaker Yes - actually i am in San Francisco today... we are working on 4+ locations physically, and a new type of swarming application that will be ready in May, that will help these location self-fund. happy to meet up to talk more about it if you are interested.

8. Mar 2nd, 2011

David Anderson Would love to help, just not something I can put a ton of time into. How long are you in town? (e: [email protected] to continue?)

9. Mar 2nd, 2011

Stan Stalnaker can i recommend attending our MiX event on Friday night - - we can talk more then. actually Chris, Chris, Marc - also on this thread - come if you can would be fun to meet you.

10. Mar 14th, 2011

Adrian Roessler Hi, if you need help in facilitating the process/project of establishing the Hub - I'm a bit too far away (Copenhagen) but we will actually come to SF in a week for the launch of PODIO to the world. Think Podio might just be what you need to facilitate this whole great project and we can always sponsor.

Hope to see you at one of our events! More information at
or mail me directly if you're interested: [email protected]

11. Oct 4th, 2011

Jason Montgomery If you guys want to generate some publicity, I may be ablw to help. I am going to produce a sustain an ble alternatives program for my local access cable channel up in Santa Rosa.

12. Jul 31st, 2017

Hugh Ching I'm the founder of Knowledge-Oriented Society explained at a cognitive science conference at Stanford: Hub Culture seems to be doing the same thing. I hope Stan realizes that Silicon Valley is the center of action, and SF is the financial center of SV. Hub Culture needs to be at the center of world wealth generator, SF. I'm the best nightclub dancer in the San Francisco Bay Area and would be happy to help a Pavilion in the San Francisco.