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KATIKA Showroom Event: Tuesday 2nd June, 2009

17:12 10/05/09

Stan Stalnaker said: Join the KATIKA team, in from Switzerland, as we run a special showroom presentation of KATIKA furniture and luxury products at the London Pavilion. This full day event will allow designers and architects to schedule 30 minute preview sessions with the KATIKA team, then everybody meets up in the evening for a rocking party to officially welcome KATIKA in London.

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1. May 13th, 2009

Zlatko Hasic Excellent!! really looking forward to it!

2. May 16th, 2009

Hasan Hasic Looking forward to it guys!

3. May 16th, 2009

Michelle Vanparys The INVITATION for the KATIKA event at Hub Culture on June 2nd can we downloaded and printed here:

Please add your name and your guests' names to the GUEST LIST here: