Earn, Trade and Buy Ven

01:12 25/05/09

Stan Stalnaker said: To add, trade or buy Ven to your Hub Culture account, please visit http://www.hubculture.com/ven

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1. Sep 13th, 2009

Eric Harris-Braun I'd love to know about the rules that Hub Culture has defined for Ven. It appears that some are issued when they are purchased, and others just for joining. Are there any redemption rules, rules on the issuance limits that hub culture has set for itself, etc?

2. Sep 13th, 2009

Stan Stalnaker Hi Eric

There are two sources of Ven - it can be purchased at floating exchange rates pegged at 10 to the dollar, and it can be earned by inviting friends into the network. At present these are the only sources of Ven on a macro level. At the micro level, you can collect or earn Ven by helping others in the network - largely through the knowledge platform and the ability to exchange with those in your network.

Ven can be used for redemption in the Hub Culture stores worldwide. Products and services in Ven are carefully curated according to Hub Culture standards in design, sustainability and more. Hope that helps.

3. Sep 16th, 2009

Scott Tomko Will ven always be pegged to the dollar?

4. Sep 16th, 2009

Stan Stalnaker Not necessarily - it may move to a basket of currencies and possibly even commodities at some point in the near future, but we expect the net preset value of Ven to remain constant over time, especially when used within the community.

5. Oct 6th, 2011

Jason Montgomery Any update to this? I ask because its now 2011 and the FED is looking for a chance to implement QE3 and send the dollar into obscurity. Also, I noticed you can buy commodities with ven, so I can see the potential for the basket already.