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Introducing Proof of Oxygen - A Credit and Gifting System powered by Ven Oxygen (Vo2)

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9th Sep 2021

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What if we rethought the relationship between carbon and oxygen in the context of the planet? What if there was a way to pay the planet for producing oxygen, from which most life derives its security? Ven Oxygen (Vo2) is a new way to make these "What Ifs" real, and its coming this fall. You can help.

Vo2 (Ven Oxygen) is a new global credit gifting system. Exhaled by Hub Culture, it is built as a new component of the Ven financial ecosystem. Open source and distributed, it provides everyone a way to participate in environmental protection while rewarding those who do the most to protect nature, especially the most valuable parts of nature.

Vo2 is generated by trees and nature and is tied to the production of oxygen on the planet. Zeke.ai, the artificial intelligence system from Hub Culture, calculates the O2t - (oxygen tonnage) of oxygen emissions produced by trees plants and forests that are staked to the system. Anyone can create and stake an OPZ - Oxygen Production Zone - by simply pledging the protection of that zone using a shared mapping protocol. Zeke calculates the oxygen benefit and a rough but improving score of the zone, and begins to automatically reward Vo2 as long as the zone remains under protection. 

Some areas of the planet are more important than others and some produce more oxygen than others. The places that are the most valuable to us as natural habitats and old growth forests receive a higher algorithmic reward of Vo2 than other places, which are inherently less valuable. As such, a ranking system is being developed by which Zeke will issue amounts of Vo2 dependent on these metrics. This is being developed in a scientific and transparent manner and will be adjustable as time goes on. Over time, Hub Culture intends to transform Zeke into a DAO, to better provide shared resources to Hub Culture citizens.

Anyone can become a recipient of Vo2 by staking their OPZ on the shared mapping grid. This first includes governments holding tracts of land and forest, and eventually guardians of the oceans, which provide a valuable role in oxygen production. Large land owners finally have a mechanism to earn value for the protection of their land, and individual consumers and citizens can either stake small areas they control or participate by buying and holding Vo2.

To promote gifting and circulation in the economy, Vo2 evaporates over time. This means that Vo2 is designed to keep moving, circulating, in order to maintain its existence. The exact metrics for Vo2 evaporation are dependent on several factors, including the growing or shrinking rate of new supply, the distance by which Vo2 travels in the community, and other factors. When Vo2 is spent, traded or gifted, its life is extended automatically. 

Proof of Oxygen is a key component of the reward decision by Zeke. This is supported by a network of Ven Validators, who can earn Ven for providing validation services connected to Ven Oxygen. The system for managing these validators is in development.

As an open source project, Hub Culture is inviting the global crypto, fintech, and environmental communities to collaborate on the creation and maintenance of the Ven Oxygen project. As Zone Validators, local and indigenous communities can earn incomes providing confirmation and protection services to Oxygen Production Zones. 

Vo2 will begin entering the global financial system during the fall of 2021, when it begins pumping Vo2 to Stakers in early November, timed to coincide with the ICE Hub at COP26 in Glasgow.  To qualify your land or OPZ, please visit https://proofofoxygen.com

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Hub Culture is requesting help and support from the global community to bring Vo2 to scale. The credit system is based on the Ven financial system and is being built to support multiple blockchains for aspects of Validation, app and platform extensions, secondary market Vo2 trading and other ecosystem services of the future. To participate visit the Hub Culture Github and other open source code repositories, including the Ven Developer Portal


As a tool, Vo2 running on Bitcoin Lightning network can help to improve the carbon footprint of Bitcoin by creating an internal ledger offset that is fully positive. Vo2 running at scale on Bitcoin would solve Bitcoin's carbon problem, so our goal is to get this running on Lightning as a priority.  Beyond, Vo2 can run on other blockchains, enhancing their carbon neutrality position in the same way.

The Ven blockchain gateway system will also enable Stakers to run Ven on alternative more eco friendly chains, with integrations on Solana, Cosmos, IOTA, Cardano, Stellar, XRPL, Avalanche, Divi, or others possible. Vo2 should run cross chain and chain agnostic. For ultimate carbon efficiency, Vo2 will incept on the Ultra Standard, Hub Culture's highly efficient tokenization standard. The system further supports environmental protection through the validation network, which is fundamentally linked to carbon through Ven and its asset backed carbon heart. 

As a service, Hub Culture is inviting governments and large landowners to become the first staking partners, generating a new form of environmental protection income for the utility service of protecting their land and our planet's ability to produce our most important resource, oxygen. To begin staking, please contact [email protected] or visit Ven.vc/earn online.