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A Primer on Cryptocurrency and Digital Asset Syndicates Using Ven

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24th Aug 2017

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Hub Culture is a Bermuda based technology company with global activities in the realm of innovation-led experience, digital currency, digital identity, blockchain auditing and artificial intelligence. Founded in 2002, over 40,000 members of the HubCulture.com platform use our technologies to transact value across the economy, using it for global P2P transfer, purchase of goods and services on a $100 Million inventory platform, and to monetize content, identity, IOT and other emerging value metrics. In 2007, Hub Culture created the first digital currency, Ven, to help facilitate these activities across the network. Ven has been a pioneer in many areas, including asset backing, FX market and commodity trading, IOT payments and more. Since inception over 500 million Ven have exchanged hands via the Hub Culture network, Hub Culture and Ven apps and the FX markets.

Market Overview

Digital assets are the largest new asset class to emerge in a generation. Ven (http://ven.vc), established in 2007, is a conservative form of digital asset, in that all transactions are conducted on a closed ledger, issuance is asset backed, and identity is included in transactions using HubID, Hub Culture s digital identity service. At large, the digital asset market grew from $20 Billion to $340 Billion in value this year, and the market for ICOs, (Initial Coin Offerings) on decentralized platforms passed $1 Billion, exceeding the size of US venture capital in 2Q17. Currently Switzerland is the leading market for domiciling companies working in the sector, along with Luxembourg, Singapore, Panama, London and New York. Blockchains are the distributed, open-source core technology underpinning many of these new technologies.

Over 500 companies with significant funding have launched in the blockchain sector, and by 2020 the field of digital assets is expected to be worth over $1 Trillion and to impact insurance, identity, supply chains, FX, legal and shipping industries in winner-take all scenarios. Countries around the world are preparing to test or deploy their fiat currencies in some form on a blockchain China, India, Russia and the US Federal Reserve are all testing concepts. Barbados has announced it will put its currency on a blockchain linked to Ethereum, a smart-contract system, by the end of 2017. Over 75 banks have invested in various pilots, projects and tests related to digital assets, spending billions on investment and R&D.

Digital Asset Syndicates

In 2013, Hub Culture began launching Digital Asset Sydicates (http://hub.vg/DigitalAssets) to offer exposure to the digital asset markets using Ven. A member holding Ven can choose to invest into over a dozen asset syndicates including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Gnosis, ZCash, Stellar, Iconomi and others. On average at the time of writing, these funds have appreciated over 700% since their inception. Further Syndicates are available in gold, commodities, real estate, venture capital and tech investment with variable long term returns. Before purchasing access to a Syndicate, the buyer should read and understand the terms and conditions associated to a particular purchase.

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Ven Monetary Policy

Since its inception Hub Culture has carefully maintained the Ven network and payment capability, continually investing in its expansion and growth on a consistent track. Hub Culture s policy to create a stable monetary instrument has resulted in the world s most stable currency and the only currency to incorporate carbon into the backing for environmental benefits. As crypto-currency becomes more mainstream, the ability to begin introducing crypto-assets to Ven s asset backing will create a consistent value creation trajectory that should outpace inflation, with the goal of Ven appreciating to a $10 to 1 Ven range by 2020.

Hub Culture is a member of the Federal Reserve Faster Payments Taskforce and is currently building Ven Ultra, a new blockchain to power new activities with Ven, including the creation of asset backed tokens on a Bermuda based Digital Asset Exchange and the RAIN & RAIL project. All Ven transactions and HubID identities are monitored via the Open Audit Initiative, http://oai.io - an Ethereum linked audit service in rapid development. Ven also powers Zeke.ai, Hub Culture s artificial intelligence project, and BermudaStandard.com a new repository for global IOT, smart contract and registration standards.

To access Ven and the Syndicates, get an account with Hub Culture and visit the Funds and Finance or Digital Assets section of the Store, or shop via the Hub Culture app in Android and IOS. To learn more about Ven, view historical exchange rates and access hedge fund services, visit the Ven platform.