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Getting from here to there

02:00 05/06/09

David [inactive] said: Hub. What a great word. How many "hubs" do you travel through on your bike commute?

Here is my typical day:

Hub 1 - Entry Way
Passing through this hub, I pick up any bike related items I dropped off there yesterday.
Common items - Velco Strap for pant leg, Helmet, and Sunglasses.

Hub 2 - Park
This is where I get out of the truck (yes I multi-mode commute, drive half way, bike the rest).

Hub 3 - Highway Bridge
This is truly the "hub" for getting to and from work. Everybody going to work from the east must go over this bridge. If you time it right, no traffic. If you time it wrong, Good Luck!

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1. Jul 23rd, 2010

Nick Fugitt What kind of bike do you have? I have a 24-Speed Giant bike. It's a great way to get around town.

2. Jun 5th, 2011

John Krueger I ride a Batavus Fryslan. It's a great dutch bike that gets me all around denver! Are People using panniers or backpacks? I use Panniers.