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Small country, small business

14:56 28/08/09

Sárga Eminenciás said: How can a small company in a small country do a great business? Do anyone know a secret or some magic? We have so many great ideas, ambitions, than how we can use them to be great?

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1. Mar 14th, 2010

Banks Armstrong Szia Sarga,

Exclusive import-export relationships is one way. Think of a country as an island. You produce some things but not others. Import what you need and sell what you have. Hungarians are drinking more beer and less wine. Export wine. Also, beer production is become more local. Hungarian hops are a good business. Any hop with a distinctive flavor is good.

I miss Hungary, have not been there since 2008 and before that I was in Budapest almost monthly passing through. Eger was a favorite place to visit.

Yo erstet,