SABA Motors attending and displaying at the Governors' Global Climate Summit

06:22 30/09/09

Simon Saba said: All those attending the Governors' Global Climate Summit are encouraged to attend the Exhibition Area where SABA Motors will be displaying the new Carbon Zero plug in electric roadster. No directions are needed... just look for the best looking car on the floor and you found it !!!!

I am the founder of SABA Motors and of course I am a little biased :) You can judge for youself by visiting the exhibition (or less prefered visit (the picture doesn't do it justice... it is better looking in person)

SABA Motors is a late stage development company with a mission to build high performance, zero pollution, great looking sports cars. What truly differentiates SABA Motors is that the design is extremely unique and inherently lower cost than traditional technologies. As a result, SABA Motors design is highly scalable and will be one of the most affordable zero pollution vehicles offered on the market, below half of the cost of a Tesla and much more profitable.

The company will be very profitable even in low volumes and I will be happy to discuss details with potential early stage investors

Hope to see you there


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1. Sep 30th, 2009

Victor Perton The Australian State Government of Victoria is participating in this Summit. Our colleagues from Queensland will be participating too.

See my blog entry at

2. Sep 30th, 2009

Steve KOmpolt Looking forward to seeing Saba Motrs.