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Monavie - rainforest friendly health suppliement giving you all your fruit and veg in one daily shot.

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Title Author Remarks Last Active
MonaVie - tasting party this wednesday Mark Hopgood 0 29th March 2010
Tasting sessions in the London HubCulture Mark Hopgood 1 8th October 2009

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Regular web / phone conference with monavie

Every Monday and Thursday at 9pm (UK time) we'll be holding a web / phone conference with the leaders.
This is an inspiring event which you can invite people along to find out more about this project it's health and humanitarian focus.

Monavie - powerful superfood based health supplement has been launched in the UK

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London, UK, 9th September 2009.
The superfood based monavie health supplement has been launched in the UK. Distributed by Mark Hopgood, a member of network. Just 4 ounces a day (120 ml) of the liquid or gel gives you the antioxidant power of 13 fruits and vegetables in a tasty invigorating way.
Mark Hopgood, entrepreneur from Sevenoaks, Kent, UK plans to invite fellow entrepreneurs and HubCulture members to the London Hub culture pavillions to sample and experience this wonderful liquid product.

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Contact: Mark Hopgood,, 01732 80 80 67