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Tasting sessions in the London HubCulture

15:22 09/09/09

Mark Hopgood said: As I'm helping to launch this product in the UK, I thought it would be good to combine it with my favourite place, HubCulture Pavillions, London.

I would like to offer tasting sessions every wednesday afternoon and be able to give a short presentation about this amazing health supplement.

After speaking with Michelle Vanparys, it could be possible that MonaVie could offer this product for sale as a health supplement.

Why? Just 4 ounces a day (125 ml) is the equivalent of 13 portions of fruit and veg. Imagine having that in a convenient shot.

I'd appreciate some feedback on the idea.

[email protected]
01732 80 80 67

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1. Oct 8th, 2009

Mark Hopgood A tasting session is running in Pavilions, London on Thursday 8th October 2009
7pm - 9pm

We'll get the chance to see some videos about this amazing product and find out more about the business opportunity.