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The Hub Culture Climate Pavilion: Copenhagen                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Partnership Branding, Event Guidelines, Menus & Catering             

5‐23 December, 2009


Hub Culture is a real network merging online and physical world environments. The community’s mission is the elevation of collective consciousness and is centered on worth creation, with the provision of workspace, online collaboration tools, and critical support services for members. Today, Hub Culture is the global leader in networked workspaces and knowledge brokerage.

The Hub Culture Copenhagen Climate Pavilion is designed to enable collaboration for leaders and influencers involved in the UN COP15 climate summit in December 2009.

Five main rooms with internet enabled technology allow members and guests to collaborate in new ways, with symposiums, negotiations, general working and networking on order for a community of over 1,000 specially nvited influencers from around the world.

Online scheduling for seats and facilities, valet services, salons, exclusive events, symposiums and a social media center define the Pavilion experience. Modern design accented with antiques and contemporary art, LED lighting and climate forward amenities complete the space. Participation and guest access at the Pavilion is by invitation to approved partners.


Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8.30am‐7.30pm, Saturday 10.00am‐6pm, Evening Events, Closed Sunday.


Event Capacities:

Room Table Theater Standing

California 50 75 110

Brasileiro 8 20 35

Carbon 8 20 35

Climate 8 10 20

Knowledge Bar 1 0 15

COP15 Café 40 65 90

For a full schedule, bookings, events visit http://hub.vg/cph enquiries: +44 7974156458 [email protected]


Strategic: [email protected] Pavilion: [email protected]

Producer: [email protected] Interviews: [email protected]


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Catering /Event Capacities: (reception, hosting, staff not included)

Catering for all events is available and provided ‘at cost’ as follows:

Organic Breakfast ‐ juice, coffee, tea, pastries, porridge, fruit: 125DKK per head

Healthy Lunch – juices, coffee, tea, sandwiches, fruit, pasta, salads – 225DKK per head

Private Dinners ‐ custom menu selections by the Hub Culture Culinary Team – 600DKK per head

Beverages – full selection ranging from 80‐200 DKK.

Cocktail Events ‐ please enquire as to specific needs. Bookings upon availability

Briefings/Seating – Seating for 70 (Extra Rentals available at 200DKK per chair, 3 day advance) 1000DKK

Screenings – Seating for 70 available – projector and DVD players included in base cost – 1000DKK


*All prices subject to market conditions and acquisition costs and may vary according to standard HubCulture.com Terms.


© Hub Culture Ltd 2002‐2009. All rights reserved. Confidentially provided under non‐disclosure terms outlined at HubCulture.com.



Brand Guidelines:  All data/files should be sent to [email protected]                            Article Image

LCD Plasmas/Projector Branding

Please provide the following branding elements for usage at the Pavilion:

1 white background Logo in JPG/PDF/EPS formats minimum size 3” ‐ 300 dpi

1 black background Logo in JPG/PDF/EPS format minimum size 3” – 300 dpi


1 DVD with animations or video no longer than 3 minutes for screening purposes

Digital Materials/ PDF or other files for upload to HubCulture.com collaboration systems

Company summary, policy statements not to exceed 1500 words for Projects on HubCulture.com

Store inventory items with .jpg image 3’ web ready, 50 word description, price in $/£/€/DKK

Additional Signage:

Additional signage and printed materials are not encouraged for environmental reasons.

Exceptions may be made with a carbon value offset to a Hub Culture Certified Carbon Partner.

Social Media Center:

Interviews are available and will be produced with a standard backdrop. Custom backdrops may be available upon request for individual brand purposes. Please enquire by 7 December 2009. At cost. (Projection)


Pavilion Access and Invitation Guidelines: By Digital Invitation Only

Premium Partners, Partners, Supporters

All receive a fixed amount of assets as described in proposal packages.

Guest lists for general guest access should be submitted no later than 7 December, 2009 with full name, company and email address.

Event guests and VIPs

All receive electronic invitation via email from partners and HubCulture.com.

Please consider using the Groups function on HubCulture.com for managing invitations and guest lists.


Important Links


Venue Directions: http://hub.vg/findcph

Pavilion Interface: http://hub.vg/copenhagen

Collaboration Group: http://hub.vg/cphgroup


meetings, workspace & events everyday

Please refer to the Official Schedule for Activities and Specialized Bookings