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Smart/location-aware/camera phones now, what's next?

20:14 18/09/09

Chris Butler said: Hi everyone.

I would love to start the conversation around what is next for augmented reality (AG).

Today, it is smart phones that give access to their cameras to be able to overlay information based on where the camera is pointed (needs telemetry data too). I wonder whether this form factor is just too cumbersome to make AG really take off.

The 'gorilla arm' issue with touch interfaces comes to mind and just how much are people willing to hold their phones in their main view before they feel it isn't worth it?

How will either glasses overlays or future implants start to factor in?

What types of scenarios do you see pushing this transition?


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1. Jan 7th, 2011

Leo Ruilova I've heard some advances in Mozilla Foundation about it, APIs for cellphone's GPS, rendering in HTML5 with WebGL, and of course, access to the mobile phone's camera.

2. Jan 7th, 2011

Leo Ruilova GPS for HTML5, http://merged.ca/iphone/html5-geolocation
Webcam access for HTML5, http://www.taboca.com/p/camcanvas/