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16:33 14/11/09

Sebastiano Scròfina said: Hi everyone,

what's your feedback on the CSR API idea ?
You can read more about it in the articles section (http://www.hubculture.com/groups/374/news/415/) or you could contribute in the "Projects" area.



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1. Nov 14th, 2009

Martin Sweeney Sounds good! Make sure you use OAuth please :-)

2. Nov 15th, 2009

Stan Stalnaker i like the idea of lots of people collaborating on the open API. keep in mind we want something tight and concise by early December, even if its just a base platform to work from.

i have also registered csrapi.org and csrapi.net so we can build a front end to the project.

If this project is being submitted for the Ven Prize, please see all the details for that in the Ven Prize Group.

3. Nov 15th, 2009

Sebastiano Scròfina Yes, we purchased the VEN prize pass, but it's not very clear where we should now upload the link to the video and the executive summary.

4. Nov 16th, 2009

Stan Stalnaker both links should go in the CSR API group -