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Boston... with the "crazy" way of speaking, unruly drivers, old charm, fascinating people, amazing dining and culture, unique identity and unforgetable nature....

Boston is probably the most "European" city in America. It brings together people from many rases and cultures and it alows them to showcase the best that their heritage has to offer.

I don't know about you, but me... ever since I steped foot in Boston - back in July 2001 - I felt "at home" here .... Even though I was born about 5000 miles away. There's a certain peace, "laziness" and harmony that seems to govern all the chaotic rush of this more and more modern city. Maybe it's in the waves that wash the golden shores; or in the trees that line up the Common lake where the swans float undisturbed on sunny days.

I made this group so we can all put down what we like most obout this amazing city, in hopes that others will take these clues and implement them in their own hubs. That way, city by city we can make the whole world a better and more beautiful place.

You can also post here things that you would change or things that you believe would fit well in Boston.

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Title Author Remarks Last Active
Boston - "you're my home"! Denisa Dobrin 0 18th November 2009
Does anybody know? Denisa Dobrin 1 17th November 2009

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