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Open money and solar energy

11:12 22/12/09

Christophe Parot said: How to use open money to develop solar energy ?

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1. Dec 22nd, 2009

Lorcan Lyons Hi Christophe, do you mean how can this network be grown? If so, maybe you could develop a referral system for solar energy jobs for example?

2. Dec 22nd, 2009

Christophe Parot Hi Lorcan,

The first step is to grow this network.

Then we will implement the proposed ideas. If your ideas is to develop a referral system for solar energy jobs, we can do it.

Do you think about using the knowledge center ?
or using an existing referral job website ?
or develop a job center into this group ?

can you develop your idea ?

3. Jan 10th, 2010

Michael Jeppesen I know a lot about this subject, but I can´t figure out what you mean with open money?

4. Jan 12th, 2010

Christophe Parot Helo Michael,

Free currencies :

5. Jan 17th, 2010

Matjaz Stajner For the last year I am developing my own solar project. Things aren't simple and I thing alone man can not succeed. Count me in! BTW, based on my experience knowledge and money aren't the problem. Problem is in marketing and public acceptance.

6. Jan 19th, 2010

Christophe Parot
I agree with you, to do something alone is very difficult, this is why I have created this group.

This social network is a good mean to market, in my opinion
Acceptance for solar energy is very good

What is your project about ?

7. Mar 7th, 2010

Carl Fitzpatrick I use solar energy to power a water pump that irrigates the vegetable garden here in sardinia. Take a lookat the Hub Garden group for more details. I also have launched a olive oil backed currency called EVOOcredits - have a look at http://www.evoocredit.co.cc

8. Mar 25th, 2010

Stan Stalnaker hey carl can we buy some olives with ven? we'd like to try them in london.

9. Apr 3rd, 2010

Christophe Parot Hi Stan,
It is nice to have you taking part of this discussion.