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VENgame - FAQ

08:20 23/01/10

Carl Fitzpatrick said: Hello

I have just started to put into place the basic structures for the launch of VENgame - the first game on Hub Culture.

The exact format of the game is still under development - BUT - here are some of the key aspects:

A fun and exciting way to get to know fellow Hub members, explore the the Hub Culture site and Ven social currency.

Levels based game with challenges/missions to complete - internet AND real world based.

'Earn as you play' structure to encourage growth and creativity.

Interactive and responsive to players needs - you are the game and the game is YOU!

If you have any questions or would like to help in the game creation please post a comment on this discussion. Thanks!

NB Full Ven Refund - if you think the whole idea is a waste of time and life is something else - just send a message to Ven Game - he is the 'banker' and a member of this group.


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1. Feb 5th, 2010

Zeke wow looks fun!

2. Feb 7th, 2010

Carl Fitzpatrick Thanks... but the fun can only really start when we have a few more 'gamers'... Keep spreading the word!