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An overview of the Futures 2020 project

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Hub Culture and a network of partners are embarking on a series of single day Collaboration Sessions to discover the future as we expect it to be.  

The Futures 2020 collaboration brings together leading thinkers and doers to create visions of the future centered on a ten year horizon - just far enough way to make predictions and counterpoints of real value.

Each segment is open to 50 participants who are leaders in their field, and revolves around open anchor discussions that are distilled into Scenarios via HubCulture.com tools. 

Each session involves audience participation, integrated social media, and more, resulting in a consolidated report generated from the day's work.

Futures 2020: A Forum for Collaborative Scenarios - Groups

     Sustainability 2020:  05 May 2010

     Mobility 2020:  09 June 2010

     Money 2020: 07 July 2010

     Grid 2020: 08 September 2010

     Tech 2020: 06 October 2010

     Food 2020: 10 November 2010

     Retail 2020: 01 December 2010