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Welcome to the Sustainability 2020 Agenda and Project Notes.

Hub Culture and partners present

Sustainability 2020: A Forum for Collaborative Scenarios

Wednesday 5 May, 2010   8.30am - 1.00pm

The Futures 2020 series seeks to link leaders around Scenarios that will define life in 2020.

Tickets: Free for Hub Pavilion members, £45.00 for non-hub members, includes half day session and refreshments.


8.30am - Arrivals with coffee, refreshments and bakery


9.00am - Session 1 - Moderator: Edie Lush, Executive Editor, Hub Culture

Principal Brainstorm: What Will Sustainability Look Like in 2020?

Introductions:  Painting the picture, goals and objectives

Open Discussion: Building the Scenario Outlines


9.40am - Session 2 - Panel Discussion: Consumer Sustainability

Discussion leader: Tamara Giltsoff

Attending experts take the helm for a discussion on the consumer sector to build a subset to the Scenario


10.20. - Session 3 - Panel Discussion: In Balance or Conflict? Business & Government

Discussion leader: Amanda Gore

Attending experts take the helm for a discussion on the balance of power ratios around the Scenario


10.40 - Coffee break and networking - 45 minutes 

Mass collaboration on the Scenario via the group wikis and projects.


11.30 - Topline Creations:  A review of the Thesis and Refining the Topics - Group discussion

Discussion leader: Stan Stalnaker

Attending experts lead a panel discussion to distill the main points of the Scenario


12.00 - Panel discussion:  Distilling the findings

Attending experts take the helm for a discussion on the consumer sector to build a subset to the Scenario


1.00pm - Networking lunch, Food Secret


Would you like to invite a collaborator to attend? Please submit a candidate here.  Can't make it but wish to contribute?

Invited Collaborators include:

Tamara Giltsoff - Abundancy

John Grant - The Green Manifesto

John Ilkington - SustainAbility

James Cameron - Climate Change Capital

Paula di Perna - Chicago Climate Exchange

James Murdoch - SKY

Stuart Gulliver - HSBC

Alex Micaelis - Architect, Sustainable Islands

Cameron Sinclair - Architecture for Humanity

Andy Atkins - Friends of the Earth

Chris Rapley - Head of the Science Musuem - Geoengineering

David King - Former Gov't Chief Scientist

Doug Richard - cleantech investor

Eric Bettelheim - Sustainable Forestry Management

Bruce McKinnon - Green Ad Agency - Host Universal

David Prince - Publicis (tck tck tck)

Jonathan Council - British Airways

Juliet Davenport - Good Energy

Jeremy Leggett - Solarcentury

Tom Burke - Principal Negotiator - Copenhagen negotiator

Stanley Johnson

Leo Johnson

Ben Goldsmith



WWF - Earth Hour

Marks & Spencer