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Welcome to Hub Culture in Croatia, where we are collecting resources and people to help drive the Ven economy forward. Invite friends, and get in touch to suggest products and services related to Ven that can be created in conjunction with the community.

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Welcome to the NooRepublic! Stan Stalnaker 0 15th June 2010

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Island Hopping in Croatia - 0.50 Ven

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Are you one of them who's been there, done that? You've sipped ros with the best of them in St. Tropez and channeled your share of limoncello in Capri, but are you an expert on rajika? No?

If not, maybe you need a summer itinerary with a bit of rough around the edges, a place with more pizazz and less polish. Experience adventure in Croatia, winding your way from Split south along the Dalmatian coast.

An Invitation to Croatia

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You're invited to Croatia for a weekend of activities surrounding the launch of the Hub Culture NooRepublic - a multi-year island activity and fundraising concept.