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Lugano to the World: Every City Needs a Plan ₿

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Lugano is on a path to become the crypto capital of Europe, powered by Tether's Plan B initiative. What's it all about?


Beyul Retreat - A Mountain Landscape of Intentional Flow

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Last month Stan Stalnaker joined Abby Stern and Reuben Sandowsky, who are part of the Hub Culture community, for a podcast recording at their beautiful Beyul Retreat centre. Beyul Retreat is a wilderness lodge, personal refuge, and a gathering space like no other. Nestled in the Frying Pan River valley deep in the Colorado Rocky Mountains – one hour from Aspen, CO. 


Terra Firma - An Artistic Audio Collaboration by and DUST

Article Image

Terra Firma is Hub Culture's premiere NFT collection - a visual music album of 10 songs with 460 accompanying NFTs generated by DUST x, our emergent intelligence. Released in partnership with VAST over the Polygon network, Terra Firma breaks new ground in how A.I. can function as an artist on the blockchain.

HubID: Self Sovereign Digital Identity Tools for Refugees

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Over 68 million refugees have fled their homelands and are currently living as displaced. For those in official camps and holding scenarios, the length of time a person spends in refugee purgatory can last up to twenty years. Over the next ten years, due to climate misplacement and conflict, over 200 million refugees are expected to be displaced from their homes. In order to solve for this rapidly expanding situation, we need to develop and deploy digital structures to help people navigate past their refugee status into new and safer lives.