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20th Mar 2020

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A community action plan from Stan Stalnaker, Founder of Hub Culture and Ven and the Hub Culture team.

Dear friends,

We are living in rather unique times, and I first want to wish our global community health and safety during this time of uncertainty. Our team has been working round the clock to optimise digital services for the community and to roll out new functions in Hub Cutlure which we hope will help you navigate the days and weeks ahead. 
HubID Health
All Hub Culture virtual society members have a secure digital identity as part of their profile. You own this identity, can manage how it is used, and we do not sell the data around it. We believe digital data ownership by our members is a fundamental human right in the digital age. You can learn more about your HubID at https://hubid.me
HubID Health is now being expanded to include a telemedicine function for our members to help you manage Covid19 related issues. It is available globally to all members, and here’s what it will do:
1. Allow you to link to your clinic or doctor by inviting them to connect, much like any social network connection.
2. Allow you to highlight underlying conditions you may have so that your healthcare practitioner can see this information
3. Provide a message window and file share service.  We hope to add video to this soon.
4.  Covid status report - the ability for your Healthcare Practitioner to deliver you a digital response from a covid19 test.
This is supplemented by MyCOVID19.io - a new website to help others connect patients and doctors digitally powered by HubID Health.
Hub Culture Tools
For your business, HubCulture.com offers some great tools you can use for free.
1. Knowledge: you can draft and issue digital contracts tied to others,  inside or outside the community, and easily draft agreements from templates and a library of terms and conditions
2. Hubs: You can open a hub and bring together a group of people to collaborate, sharing files, discussions, and managing access to files.
3. Video: Access thousands of video interviews with global leaders from HubLive.tv and HubCulture.com/video
4. Manage your Ven digital currency account (subject to regulatory conditions depending on your status in the community.)
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Virtualization: Emerald City
Right now we are working round the clock to build you a virtual reality environment called Hub Culture Emerald City. Currently you can access the first Hub Culture neighbourhood in virtual reality via Steam (using Oculus or HTC Vive), and will soon have access to our own version of audio and video-conferencing.
We are working with the community to help you design and build own virtual reality company campus, headquarters or Pavilion in a master plan.  We hope this will help you keep your business going, see clients, meet people, and even have fun.
To help finance this new virtual city, we are selling virtual city land and designing community event space you will be able to use soon. You can also invest in the city, with a virtual bond programme with fixed annual returns, and other ways to obtain user credit.
We have built a Covid19 data hub inside the Emerald City Hub to provide you with quality information about the virus and aspects related to it, with a vetted network of links and other resources.
In terms of programming, next week Hub Culture Emerald City will begin its first of a regular calendar of virtual events including yoga, meditation, cooking classes, evening dance parties and other activities. Sign up for updates and invitations to attend at https://HubCulture.city
Jobs : we are building Emerald City to be user job generated, and are hoping to be able to offer the platform as a method for our community to find opportunity together, build together, and commute to work in a new virtual paradise. One aspect of this includes sustainability, which you can learn more about how this project links to our Amazon reforestation initiative.
Ven Digital Asset Fund
Some of you have asked about access to the Ven Digital Asset Fund, our new St. Vincent & Grenadines domiciled fund investing in Bitcoin and other digital assets. We are pleased to offer our members access to this via our new digital Onboarding process at https://ven.vc/funds
Navigating the world ahead will require the rapid development of communities who can collaborate and grow together - and our aim is to be of true value to our community. Please join us in this effort, and we are open to ideas you may have on how we can be helpful to you.
Wishing you good health, peace of mind, and serenity. Please reach out to us if we can be of assistance. 
Stan Stalnaker
Founder and Chief Strategy Officer
Hub Culture and Ven Finance