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HubID Health Offers New Tools for Members to Connect with Healthcare Practitioners

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22nd Mar 2020

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Hub Culture is rolling out additional functions in HubID Health to help members worldwide connect digitally with their Healthcare Practitioner. The service is based at MYCOVID-19 and includes the ability for a healthcare practitioner to securely deliver a COVID-19 test result to the member.

1. Find and preview the service at https://MyCovid19.io or by logging into Hub Culture and going to HubID Health {requires login}.
2. It provides a free secure data link between any doctor and patient who wants to use the service, anywhere in the world. The connection is instigated by the member, and data transmitted becomes owned by the member.
3. The member is able to invite their healthcare practitioner to connect, and the verified Practitioner can then deliver them a digital COVID-19 Test result.
4. Members have the option to highlight underlying symptoms, so the Practitioner/Doctor is able to compare underlying conditions and risks to a diagnosis more quickly.
5. Users can list medicines they are on so the Practitioner/Doctor can have this easily accessible. 
6. A notes system and messaging allows further discussion and transmission of data between the parties.
7. A video telemedicine capability is under construction.
Hub Culture is also collaborating with other partners to provide a self-reporting component so members can track symptoms even without a test, and choose to share those symptoms for mapping the spread of the virus, with data privacy anonymizing the data before collective use. Participating in this feautre is optional for the member.
To submit comments and suggestions for improvement, please email us.
The service is also being linked to Hub Culture Emerald City, a virtual city under construction by Hub Culture to provide virtualization services for the community.

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Our thanks to Prowork Groups for coordinating access to rural practitioners around this service.