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11th May 2020

New Tools for a New Era

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Wow. Just wow.

Lately it seems as if reality has been altered to make life feel like an interactive version of Earth, the Season Finale. We are all reeling from COVID-19 whiplash, stay-at-home emotions, and uncertainty-as-a-service cliffhangers. 

But in this moment we are also seeing the result of unparalleled global cooperation, creativity and kindness. Keeping a focus on these realities opens up enthusiasm for what's possible as we emerge from the difficulties of the last couple of months.

At Hub Culture, we see enormous challenges in front of us with the social contract, climate, work and more. We see this as the opportunity to co-create the future society. Here are some things we are working on to serve that purpose, and we invite you to help us move them forward.

Parallel Stimulus
Parallel Stimulus is a concept to help local communities boost commerce over a temporary period without having to borrow against the balance of payments. It can be especially useful in places suffering high temporary unemployment. 

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Own your Health Data
There are increasing concerns about how travel quarantines and health status will soon affect us. We need data solutions to put your health data under your own control, not the control of others. HubID Health is expanding to ensure you can manage this relationship by digitally connecting you and your doctor.

Digital Assets and Inflation
The Ven Digital Asset Fund offers an easy point of entry for investors looking for reliable access to Bitcoin and other digital assets. This regulated hedge fund is designed for professional investors and features an ESG/SDG lens for investment, putting purpose and planet into the allocation formula. This sector has seen strong interest over the course of the year as the industry matures.

Emerald City: Work To Do
Our new virtual city is growing and generating new types of jobs. Currently we are looking for architects, designers, teachers, healthcare practitioners, merchants, artisans and more to fill roles in the city's development. You can earn income across a wide range of roles while helping us create a new type of digital experience for everyone. 

Are you into real-estate or virtual events? Emerald City properties are now open for creation. It is free to launch one, and they feature video conferencing, chat, and collaboration services.  You can even link your property to the real world via Google Maps or simply locate it in the metaverse. 

Together, these concepts have been keeping us busy in lockdown as we also begin to look ahead to new Hub experiences. The 2020 Innovation Campus and other physical experiences still remain fuzzy on the calendar, but will be announced soon.

Questions? We'd love to hear from you! Email us [email protected]