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Honda Ups the Ante

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2nd Oct 2008

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Honda's new hybrid CR-Z - godchild of the famous CR-X

The cost of entry for owning a hybrid just dropped by about 30%, as Honda unveiled its new Insight family car at the Paris Motor Show. The new version has been long in production, but now that its finally here, the car is expected to be a runaway success because of its low sticker price - just $18,900 at base. This beats pricing by the major player in the market, Toyota, and cleanly nails the domestic US automakers, who tend to charge premiums on hybrid vehicles.

Honda expects to sell more than 200,000 of the vehicles in the coming year, and the car will be available in North America, Europe and Japan.

Coming up next? the CR-Z - godchild of the famous CR-X line popular in the early 1990s. The CR-Z offers sports car functionality with hybrid efficiency, and will likely be the first mass produced hybrid sports car on the market.

Following that comes the FCX, which is expected to arrive with production ready vehicles in late 2009 or into 2010. This will be the world's first hydrogen car that you can actually use.

Article Image
Honda unveils 3 new hybrids for 2009: here the CR-Z
It features hydrogen and oxygen related combustion to produce exhaust that is pure water, and hydrogen stations are already in development in key urban areas of Los Angeles, Chicago and other cities.

No fumes, no carbon, no pollution, with a by-product that actually helps the environment? Not bad. Not bad at all.