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The Resilient Reformation is Real...

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17th Sep 2020

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The Resilient Reformation is Real...

The 2020 Innovation Campus has been ongoing this summer in Kaua'i, Hawaii with a focus on the Resilient Reformation. During a socially distanced August, we hosted reiki sessions at the Dolphin Touch Wellness Centre, an incubator dinner at Common Ground to reveal non-alcoholic drink Ceremonies.io, transcendental meditation, trail hikes, surf sessions, and much more.

Online, amazing conversations filled The Chronicle Discussions podcast to inspire and motivate you to reimagine resilience for yourself:

Episode 28:Everyone Can Heal- An Introduction to Reiki with Jeanne Russell, owner of Dolphin Touch Wellness Center.

Episode 29:Common Ground and the Future of Agriculture with Jen Luck, Oliver Niedermaier and Adam Watten of Common Ground Kaua'i.

Episode 30:Leading Kaua’i Toward a Resilient Future with Derek Kawakami, Mayor of Kaua’i.

Episode 31:Go Make the Future with Ari Eisenstat, the University of Hawaii at Manoa Research Center for Future Studies.

So... we are extending elements of the Innovation Campus in Kaua'i through December, as part of a new idea that emerged from the campus. Check out ReCET- a transformative approach to tourism, local real-estate access, and community. ReCET is a network of people coming together to offer a co-living and wellness exploration from October through December, to Cleanse, Enlighten, and Transform.

Open to 200 guests, ReCET provides a co-working and co-living habitat designed for people who want to live in a community and work on resetting our systems for the new world ahead. It includes incubation, fractional ownership, art, wellness, nomadic work, VC, and design all wrapped in playa vibes and a spirit of cooperation. Space is very limited, so if you are looking for the infrastructure to be in Kaua'i with other innovators, to own that as an asset, and to help reset systems, ReCET is your chance.

Find out more here: https://recet.life/