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Mental Mini-Breaks to Improve Your WFH Routine

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8th Oct 2020

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2020 hey? What a rollercoaster of a year. The pandemic has changed all of our lives in many ways, and with a bumpy and uncertain road still ahead of us, it's no wonder it's having a serious impact on our mental health.

Just one of the many challenges that we are having to cope with is the change to our working lives. The emergence of COVID-19  has led to more uncertainty for a lot of us and we've had to develop new ways of working; working from home being one of them.

Working from home may sound like the dream, but for many, it's a struggle of isolation, loneliness, anxiety, and ultimately burnouts as we struggle with the work/home balance. As #worldmentalhealthday approaches, we have been looking at tips and advice on how we can help manage our WFH lives and relieve some of these struggles. That's where we stumbled across Stylist and Mind's 'Work it Out Campaign'.

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This month Stylist has teamed up with Mind to ask everyone struggling to WFH to start taking part in their 'Work 5 A Day' - a minimum of five science-proven mental health breaks that encourage mental space, connection, movement and stress reduction throughout your working day'.

Ensuring you set time boundaries to build five simple breaks throughout your day is proven to help your mental resilience and boost creativity. So what are the 5 tips? 


1. Walk Away From Your Desk

2. Organise Your Time

3. Reach Out to Others

4. Keep Moving Your Body

5. 5 Minutes of Breathing


Read HERE how Stylist explains the struggle, solution and science for each of these points, along with many other amazing articles to help people struggling in the new era of work.