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(IM)POSSIBLE BODIES Virtual Festival Program

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30th Oct 2020

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On Friday 23rd October, (IM)POSSIBLE BODIES kicked off their digital festival program that will be running until Sunday, 1 November. The extensive program includes panels, performances, and live musical shows and you just have a couple more days to experience it!

From day two of the previous lockdown, Niet Normaal Int invested in a multi-dimensional online experience that allows visitors to discover what being cyborg means. Because cyborgs - fusions between man and machine - have actually been around for a long time now. Prostheses, implants, smart devices, from hearing aids to telephones and watches, make us all cyborgs. No fewer than 35 artists - each in their own virtual space - investigate the complexity of "becoming technology."

The digital voyage of discovery offers three routes, to be taken by the visitor, with - if desired - Vincent Bijlo as a guide. As part of the 3D experience, (IM)POSSIBLE BODIES offers the possibility to bring a dozen Augmented Reality (AR) artworks to life in your living room or at locations in 's-Hertogenbosch via QR codes. In addition, (IM)POSSIBLE BODIES offers visitors the opportunity to meet each other as avatars in the digital ‘hangout’ Cantina.

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Until Sunday 1st November, panels and performances will be streamed daily in the same virtual environment. The kick-off event - with legally recognized cyborgs Neil Harbisson and Moon Ribas was a great success with the British artist Reeps100. Ine Gevers - founding director of Niet Normaal INT - also reflected on the purpose and themes of the festival: what does it mean to be a cyborg and what kind of cyborgs do we want to become in the future?

(IM)POSSIBLE BODIES is running until Sunday 1st November in the virtual environment, which can be visited via: www.impossiblebodies-experience.nl. If you want to know more about the complete program, take a look at the website here.