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Why We Invest in Women

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11th Mar 2021

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Delivering on gender equity is the key to solving the climate crisis. Investing in girls' education and skills development is vital in helping achieve gender equality and therefore probably one of the most effective climate actions we can take. Project Drawdown - one of the world's leading resources for climate solutions - reported girls'/child's education as the no.6 most impactful climate action on their top 80 climate solutions. 

For #InternationalWomensDay, Stan Stalnaker hosted a special episode of the Chronicle Discussions and was joined by Sophia Swire, Marika Svardstrom, Charmaine Chin, and Carine de Meyere, a quartet of investors working to help tackle gender equality.

As Sophia mentions, unfortunately, we seemed to have taken a slide backwards in achieving the SDG's gender equality goal. Currently, a staggeringly low 2.3% of venture capital and private equity finding globally goes towards female-led teams, even though female-led teams out-perform male-led businesses (already down from a very low 3%). This needs to change.

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Sophia, Marika, Charmaine and Carine are a group of experienced investors who recently launched GEDI - a new gender-lens advisory platform focused on helping women in STEM-related businesses working towards tackling the SDG's. GEDI started at a pre-launch event after the World Economic Forum in Davos last year and has grown into a passionate community-driven network that has grown throughout the pandemic. 

With this network, GEDI's focus is to help amplify investment into female-led companies - especially women in STEM as this means more females in renewable energy and other climate-related fields, and in turn will lead to more diverse ways to think about climate resilience.

Find out more and listen to the full fascinating conversation inside Hub Culture Emerald City on iTunes, Soundcloud, Anchor and Spotify