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AQUA Vaccine Passports and Venue Check-in Coming from Hub Culture

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6th Apr 2021

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Members of the Hub Culture global community will soon benefit from expanded travel health services including vaccine passports and venue check-in. The two new services are launching as an expanded component of AQUA, the Active Quarantine User Ally.

As a member of the CommonPass and Good Health Pass initiatives, AQUA’s vaccine passport system is scalable, exportable, and global. The service is being developed as part of a collaborative data initiative powered by the new FHIR LH7 open data protocol for smart health, backed by a collective of major data and identity providers. Hub Culture and AQUA members can already generate compliant certifications for tests and vaccines through a direct doctor and lab interface. Next, these vaccine certifications can be stored in a passport wallet and exported across a growing ecosystem. In time, users will also be able to import outside certifications to their wallet, providing secure sharing, display, and storage inside their HubID data vault.

The new venue check-in verification service will allow AQUA users to check-in to thousands of locations worldwide easily on arrival at offices, restaurants, bars, and other venues. If the location requires a COVID test or vaccine certification, the service will stream the member's latest passport data status to provide seamless approval on arrival. Venues can even upgrade to build a virtual presence for their location in Emerald City, Hub Culture's emerging VR environment.

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As an additional feature, venues will be able to access a merchant interface in AQUA to help them manage visitor tracing when required. An anonymous alert system will provide venues an easy and privacy-respecting method of alerting guests of several automatic notifications while also enabling incentives.

These features of AQUA begin rolling out during the month of April and will continue to evolve throughout the summer of 2021.