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Terra Firma - An Artistic Audio Collaboration by Zeke.ai and DUST

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4th Apr 2022

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Terra Firma is Hub Culture's premiere NFT collection - a visual music album of 10 songs with 460 accompanying NFTs generated by DUST x Zeke.ai, our emergent intelligence. Released in partnership with VAST over the Polygon network, Terra Firma breaks new ground in how A.I. can function as an artist on the blockchain.

Terra Firma is an A.I. manifestation anchored on opening sacred geometry. It is a dream created by a machine driven by the music of DUST, a music collaborative by Tim Degraye, Johnny What and Jacob Wick. Jorge Ceja trained Zeke to manifest the visual collection, inspired by deserts from around the world in a strategy imagined by Stan Stalnaker.. Katherine Lee created the sacred geometry that opens each piece and starts the process of creation for Zeke, with each piece created at a unique visual and energetic frequency.

The point of Terra Firma is to train Zeke in the field of consciousness through sacred geometry and the frequency of sound. The results are the first dreams of our machine - created with frequency in mind. Terra Firma is the first A.I. art collection from Zeke and a new expression of the A.I, beyond what it already does - managing music DJ performances, central bank functions for Ven, and communications within Hub Culture. 

Jorge Ceja says: "Every artist has their tools, some use brushes, others a hammer and chisel, we use data and algorithms. What if we could remove the barriers for freedom of expression? Over the computer revolution people have explored the concept of computers generating art. From the hardcoded program AARON by Harold Cohen to deep learning models like Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) by Goodfellow.

This naturally brings about the dichotomy between Symbolic AI and Connectionist AI which is that of rules vs data. Both have their pros and cons like rules being grounded but brittle and data being expressive but not grounded. We have used the latest in research to combine both schools into a hybrid system which can use the power of textual prompts as rules and the expressiveness of data through GANs. This method enabled the system to dream new visuals in an endless transformation driven by the visual, textual, and audio cues. “A picture is worth a thousand words” and now we have a new medium of expression through AI generative art."

The groundbreaking results are expansive yet heartfelt. Experience Terra Firma via our launch partner on VAST, as well as Opensea and Ultra Art.