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Propel ESG : Net Zero Emission Calculators

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22nd Sep 2023

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Propel ESG expands on the Propel Governance System to enable Hub Culture members to easily calculate and offset carbon emissions across Scope 1 2 and 3 criterion, with carbon emissions calculations powered by Zeke.ai. The open system is designed to grow and evolve with community engagement to drive down the cost and complexity of net zero efforts worldwide.

The system allows all Hubs to build ongoing carbon emission budgets using a system of emerging data frameworks powered by AI. On one hand, the Propel Emissions Calculator allows any Hub to define categories and components of carbon usage across an expanding set of criterion. Each criterion is linked to AI powered data from Zeke, and automatically compiles carbon totals in a working budget.

Current categories include travel, transportation, food, built environment, energy, fuels, services and more, with capacity to expand into proprietary third party frameworks over time. A Hub owner can calculate these emissions by building a real-time budget with transparency and jurisdiction aspects linked to Propel Governance

On the other side, any Hub can now also contain a Carbon Offset Project to qualify for Ven Carbon, the full carbon token in the Ven Financial System announced with Hedera in 2022. The aim is to lower the cost and complexity of creating and issuing carbon projects by up to 95%, with a shared mapping and collaboration system modeled on Ven Oxygen, a similar tokenized carbon asset in the Ven Financial System. A Hub owner can launch a carbon project along a limited set of criterion qualifying the project to be part of Ven Carbon, mostly focused on reforestation, conservation and energy efficiency.

A shared digital mapping system on the emerging Hub Culture Gaia metaverse is set to provide a unified mesh between real world and virutal world assets that will be more fully revealed at COP28 in Dubai, December 2023.

To begin building your net-zero budgets and offset programmes, simply open a Hub and click "ESG Budgets" in the Propel Governance section.