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Hub Culture: A Global Network of Hubs

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31st May 2024


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Hub Culture, an innovative social network designed to enhance the lives of its members through exclusive spaces, connection and events around global key moments, has established itself as a premier platform for collaboration and luxury. Each Hub offers a unique environment tailored to foster creativity, wellness, and networking. Let's explore the various Hubs around the world that define our community.

London: The Hub Culture Townhouse

Located in the prestigious Mayfair district, the Hub Culture Townhouse in London is a sanctuary of luxury and sophistication. This exclusive venue provides members with a range of amenities including luxury suites, Boardroom and co working spaces.

The Townhouse features three luxurious suites, each equipped with common lounge areas, sleeping quarters, a kitchen, and bathrooms. On the first floor, members can reserve spaces for meditation and wellness classes, or utilize the area designed for social media content development. Access to this elegant retreat is strictly by private reservation through the London Hub Valet.

Miami: The Blockhouse at Art Basel

Located in the rapidly transforming Little Haiti district of Miami, the FOC-CIH Future of Cities Climate Innovation Hub features a collaborative mixed use space in partnership with Future of Cities. It includes coworking and event space, an outdoor garden and membership lounge, powered by online collaboration tools and technologies from Hub Culture. This digital value layer overlay of services stretching from the metaverse to digital assets to identity management helps power climate innovation and new ideas with our Miami community.

Located at 224 NE 59th St, Miami, FL 33137, the Climate and Innovaton Hub features shared working and event space, outdoor event grounds, and will soon feature an emerging wellness component with spa services integrated to the offering. Cuisine and catering partners are all participating in the Hub to bring a diversity of food and beverage experiences to the location, and onsite CIH curators will be connecting the fabric of local entrepreneurship with global capital and mentoring resources through Hub Culture's technology ecosystem network.

Cannes: The Hub Culture Cannes Clubhouse

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 The Hub Culture Cannes Clubhouse makes appears regularly during the Cannes Film Festival and the Lions Festival of Creativity, a prestigious event that celebrates the best in advertising and creative communications. In partnership with organizations like Axios, IAA, Ven, and Hub Culture, the Cannes Clubhouse serves as a dynamic space for members to connect, collaborate, and celebrate creativity.

Davos: The Hub Culture Davos Leadership Campus

The Hub Culture Davos Leadership Campus is a cornerstone of the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), offering seven distinct spaces for members and partners to engage in high-level discussions and networking. The 2024 Campus is centered around the Chalet Pavilion at Promenade 107, located near the north end of the WEF Secure Zone. This Chalet features expanded meeting spaces, a tea lounge, and integrated podcast and filming facilities.

Adjacent to the Chalet, the new Boardroom at Promenade 109 provides a dedicated space for themed daily discussions on major global topics. These spaces collectively form a hub of leadership and innovation, fostering collaboration among some of the world's most influential thinkers and leaders.

Dubai: The Future Mobility Hub

Hub Culture has teamed up with Supercool Dubai and other founding partners to create the Future Mobility Hub (FMH), at the brand new Supercool Mobility Center in Uptown Tower Dubai. While the Future Mobility Hub will focus on the next frontier in mobility, the Hub Culture Climate Pavilion at the Future Mobility Hub will focus on topics from finance and startups, to climate solutions, alternative proteins, and more. Together, dozens of partners are bringing conversations as diverse as sport, regenerative finance, agriculture, gender equality and more to life.  

Hawaii: Hub Culture Oasis

The Oasis in beautiful Kauai, Hawaii boasts 11.7 acres on the north shore, creating a place to build community and collaboration with our members worldwide. The Oasis combines optimized agriculture, sustainability, and information systems to create a new chapter for our community. Optimized means using technology to drive efficiencies across the property. Visitors can experience swimming, hiking, surfing, and meditation daily. Come see us and experience the beautiful Oasis!

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These are just a few of the many Hubs that Hub Culture has established around the globe. With over 60 Hubs in total, including locations in New York, Paris, Ibiza, and Los Angeles (Check out more hubs here). Hub Culture continues to provide unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional growth. Each Hub offers unique experiences and environments, setting new standards for Collaboration, innovation, and global connectivity.